A Special Town Meeting will be held on Thursday, July 28 6:00pm  at the Acton Town Hall.

ARTICLE 1: To choose a moderator for said meeting.

ARTICLE 2:   To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate $1,000 for the Southern Maine Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery Association.

Board of Selectmen Recommends: Approve the article as written.
Warrant and Finance Committee Recommends: Raise and appropriate $100.00.  6-0.

ARTICLE 3:   To see what sum the Town will vote to appropriate from the following revenues and fund balances to reduce the amount to be raised by taxation during the 2016 - 2017 tax commitment.

Municipal Undesignated Fund: Up To $450,000
FY16-17 Anticipated Revenues: $636,400

Board of Selectmen Recommends: Approve the article as written.
Warrant and Finance Committee Recommends: The Town appropriate up to $450,000 from the Municipal Undesignated Fund, and the FY 2017 Anticipated Revenues of $636,400 to reduce the amount to be raised by taxes in FY 2017.  6-0.

Volunteers Needed -

Did you know ..... The Town of Acton may soon have NO REC PROGRAM for the children of Acton?  Effective as early as this fall, all programs may be dissolved due to lack of volunteers. If you or someone you know is interested in helping, please contact Jennifer Roux at 636-3131, ext 401 or  Specifically we are looking for a volunteer soccer coordinator NOW!  Even if you know nothing about soccer YOU can do this. Please consider helping.

Members of the public are needed to serve on the Warrant and Finance Committee (alternate), Mary Grant Committee, Planning Board (alternate), and Road Committee.  Please inquire with Jennifer Roux for more information or to have your name moved forward.  Thank you.

Property Owners and Residents Take Notice -

A member of the Board of Selectmen will now have office hours at the Acton Town Hall the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Thursday of each month from 5:30pm - 6:30pm.  The purpose of these office hours are so that a Selectman can be available to the public to hear any thoughts or concerns that they may have.  Please note to avoid a quorum or public meeting, there will only be one selectman here at a time during this posted hour.  With that said, it will be informational only and the Selectman will then take any thoughts and concerns back to their full Board at the next meeting, at which time, any decisions, if necessary, would be made.  Lastly please note, this time is not intended for Department Heads, they should continue to reach out to their liaison or come to a meeting any Tuesday at 5pm.  If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Roux at 636-3131, ext. 401 or  Thank you- E. Walsh, B. Shields, E. Miller; Board of Selectmen.

Tax Acquired Tax Sale  -

The Town of Acton is currently accepting sealed bids for two pieces of Tax Acquired property; Tax Map 248 Lot 15 and Tax Map 229 Lot 46.  Please click here to view the bid in its entirety.

Useful Documents:

Town of Acton Municipal Directory

Town of Acton Comprehensive Plan

Town of Acton Request for Information Form

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Welcome to the Acton, Maine official website. Acton is a small town in Southern Maine situated along the New Hampshire border that offers many wonderful activities with it's miles of lakes and forests.

Acton is a town in York County, incorporated on March 6, 1830; it ceded land to Shapleigh in 1831. It was part of a much larger tract of land in purchased in 1661 by Francis Small from Chief Sunday of the Newichawannock Tribe.

Settled in 1776, the town's first mill, a grist mill, was built on the Salmon Falls River in 1779 by Joseph Parsons.

Prior to incorporation it was the western part of the plantation of Hubbardstown; in 1789 it became the eastern part of the town of Shapleigh. The town was named for Acton, England, now a part of greater London.

Silver was discovered in 1877, followed by a decade of mining and prospecting, after which the mines were abandoned.

Acton's western border is with New Hampshire and is defined by the Salmon Falls River. The town has substantial frontage on several lakes: Mousam, Wilson, Great East, and Square Pond.

The town lies northwest of Sanford on Route 109, which continues into New Hampshire.

County: York

School Dist/Dept: Acton School Department

Senate District: 2

House District: 20

Congressional District: 1

Population: 2145

Area: 41.8 sq miles

Pop. Density: 57/sq mile

Longitude: W 70:54:57

Latitude: N 43:32:01