April 13, 2010

Acton Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee

APRIL 13, 2010


A. ROLL CALL – 7:00

Members present: Thomas Cashin – Chairman

John Moore – Vice-Chairman

Rob Meyer

Roy Trafton

Virginia DeBoer

Gregory Martin

B. MINUTES - No Minutes were approved


Board of Selectmen’s Decision Re Placement of the Revised Zoning Ordinance on the June, 2010 Annual Town Meeting Warrant – Mr. Cashin explained that he had to come into the Town Offices last week when the Selectmen were having a discussion about Article 5 of the Zoning Ordinance in which this Committee differentiated the State mandates and their recommendations for the Shoreland Zone in Town. He was told the Selectmen have received some e-mails expressing concern about the revisions. He advised he was told by Dennis Long that the Board of Selectmen would like to place the revisions on the November Referendum vote. He stated during a discussion with the other Selectmen, Anthony Cogliandro and Larissa Crockett, it was suggested that he use the time before the November vote to appear at the Selectmen’s Meetings and explain the Shoreland revisions to the residents so they can ask questions and make comments. He said while he wasn’t happy with the Selectmen’s decision to delay the vote again, he felt doing as suggested about the Board of Selectmen’s Meetings might be a good opportunity for the Committee to explain what they did which exceeded the State’s Shoreland Zone mandates and why it was done. He mentioned that, as far as he is concerned, what is being proposed is not up for debate at this time and if people are not happy with the work, they can amend the Ordinance at a later date. He asked that the other Members of the Committee assist him with the presentations at the Selectmen’s Meetings. He stated he has had faith in the Committee and its work because of its diversity and now it is time to defend that work. He advised given the Selectmen’s decision to forego a June vote, he will be asking to have the Committee’s remaining balance from this fiscal year’s appropriation rolled over to the 2010-11 budget to cover any expenses that may arise before the November vote. He mentioned he is also interested in reviewing the e-mails the Selectmen have said they received to determine if the Committee could answer any questions that may be in them.

To Mr. Meyer’s comment that he would like to put something in the newspaper about what he feels is manipulation by the Selectmen regarding the proposed revisions, Mr. Cashin stated he understands Mr. Meyer’s feelings, but it would be best to follow the plan laid out, appearing at the Selectmen’s Meetings, as that will give the Committee the opportunity to speak to more residents as those Meetings are televised on the Cable Access Channel. He said he is not giving up on the work the Committee has done as he feels what is being proposed protects both the water quality of the various lakes and ponds in Acton as well as respecting people’s property rights. Mr. Cashin explained that 99% of the revisions have been effect since 2008.

Mr. Moore stated he would have no problem answering questions at the Selectmen’s Meetings and waiting another six months for a vote on the Ordinance might be a good thing.

To Mr. Cashin’s question whether the Committee was all right with requesting that this year’s balance be rolled over to next year, Mr. Moore said he doesn’t think that will occur, but he has no problem requesting it. He mentioned that Dennis Long has said this Committee’s work would end at the end of this fiscal year.

In a straw poll taken when Mr. Cashin asked if the group agreed with the language being proposed, all but Ms DeBoer, answered in the affirmative. They also felt there shouldn’t be any further amendments made at this time. They also agreed to request that the balance remaining in the Committee’s account at the end of this fiscal year be rolled over to the next fiscal year.

It was noted that the Critical Rural boundaries which the secretary distributed this evening will be discussed at another Meeting and that the Zoning Map must be adopted by the voters again since there have been revisions made by virtue of the Shoreland Zone and Resource Protection District.


Public Hearing – Mr. Cashin reminded the group that there will be a public hearing on Thursday, April 21, 2010, at 7:00 PM.

E. OTHER BUSINESS – There was no other business to come before the Committee.

F. ADJOURNMENT – The Meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,


Recording Secretary