August 02, 2007

 Acton Planning Board

Meeting Minutes

August 2, 2007

Members Present:  Tom Cashin, Chip Venell, Jim Fiske

Members Absent:  Randy Goodwin, Brian Belanger, Keith Davis, Yoli Gallagher

Guest Present:  John Moore, Pam Romilly, Jeff Brink, Bernard Yeaton, Scott Mooney, Jerry Barrows, Jamie Oman-Saltmarsh(SMRPC), Michelle Rumney (secretary)

Meeting called to order at 7:00 by Chip Venell

Minutes from 6.21.07 were STILL NOT voted on, due to lack of quorum from that meeting.

Minutes from 7.21.07 were read and on motion from Tom and second from Jim were accepted with an amendment.

Discussion on Loon Ridge Elevation Issues

No new information has been provided from the engineers.  A letter was received from Lenkowski and submitted into record acknowledging that he would not be present because they did not have any new information to give to the board at this time.

The road commissioners expressed concern of the culverts and the elevation issues.  A suggestion is to require a culvert to be put in prior to the existing one in front of Lenkowski’s home.  Also, with the change in slope from the approved plans there are apt to be issues in the winter.  When the big rains usually come, the ditches are still filled with snow bankings and really provide no help.  It all needs to go back to the engineering and get it done right as it was approved.  It is also suggested that the Town hire an engineer to do a third party review of whatever they present.

Because no further information has been provided to this time, the discussion is continued to a future date once the submissions from the engineer have been delivered.

Jeff Brink for discussion on Fiberlime

Fiberlime is a residual out of paper mills that is used primarily as a liming agent.  This product contains NO nitrogen, phosphorus or pathogens.  It is used by farmers as a liming agent and can be used as animal bedding.  The company is licensed by the DEP to make and distribute this material.

Jim asks if there are local municipalities where this product is being used.  Jeff respond that they have clients all over including N.Berwick, S. Berwick, Berwick, Biddeford, Sanford…for examples Lavigne’s Berry Farm, Rod Shain’s Farm, Tibbet’s Farm.

Tom asks what types of conditions are on the DEP license.  Jeff replies that there are no conditions.

Chip asks what the issue is with this product and our town ordinance.  Jeff replies that when municipalities have ordinances restricting sludge/residuals, some may feel as though this falls into the category.  The DEP has decided that site specific licenses were not necessary, but the town’s ordinance is still applicable.

Tom suggests a low threshold review from York County Soil and Water as explained in the ordinance may be adequate for a soil scientist’s review.  It would also be beneficial to have a list of all the actual components of the material.  Ken Wood is the contact person at YCSW.

Chip explains that a copy of the DEP letter/license would also be helpful.  If he has a potential client, get them an application (Conditional Use) and send the information to YCSW for a review and call the secretary when you are ready to put this on the agenda.

Jerry Barrows for Amendment to Moose Pond #1

Jerry presents the Mylar to be signed as already approved by the board for the amendment to Lot One of the Phase one of Moose Pond.

The original plan was recorded on July 29, 2007 at the York County Registry of Deeds.

Jamie Saltmarsh of SMRPC for discussion on Cluster Development

Jamie explains that many towns put the allowance of cluster subdivisions in either their subdivision regulations or their zoning ordinance in the past.  However, 2005 legislation recommends that it be in both the zoning as well as subdivision guidelines.

John Moore believes that the town approved an ordinance allowing this in May 1993, but it never made it into the zoning book.

Jamie recommends putting the language from 10.13a of the new proposed subdivision regs into the zoning, or some enabling language.  It is redundant to put the whole thing in.

It is best to do this change to the zoning now, if it hasn’t already been adopted rather than waiting until June 08, and it doesn’t actually create a problem if it is in the new subdivision regulations until someone comes forth with a cluster subdivision. 

Michelle Rumney (for Ken Paul)

for BPL for Barbara Caouette 85 Hummingbird Rd (Map 133 Lot 48)

Replace an 8x12 shed that is falling apart with a new shed, same size.  Existing shed is currently 10 feet from water.  Ken recommends 50ft from water or as defined on the DEP permit.  On a motion by Jim and second by Tom it is approved to accept Ken’s recommendation.

-Patrick Fraiser did not call or show up and will be removed from the agenda for this evening.  He will be rescheduled when he contacts the secretary.

-ASA (Home Pride Builders) called and rescheduled to the next meeting as they do not have all the supporting materials needed for the meeting ready yet.

-The board discusses briefly the information distributed tonight from Boston Environmental in regards to Pat Hannon.  Michelle informs the board that Pat has been added to the agenda of the next meeting to go over plan submission requirements, and if complete he will be expecting a public hearing.  Tom expresses concern that there is no reference on these plans as to who the engineer is, there should be contact info and a stamp from a licensed engineer.  This will be discussed at the next meeting when Pat is present.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm