The Collector of taxes collects taxes and excises due to the town. The tax collector collects all moneys received, and must turn over all monies to the treasurer daily. The Tax Collectors also pursues delinquent accounts. Non-payment of taxes may cause you to pay interest and additional collection charges. Additionally, non-payment of taxes may result in the loss of property. 

Bill Date

Due Date

Penalty Date

 September 2015

 1st Half: October 14th, 2016

October 15, 2016



2nd Half April 14th, 2017


April 15th, 2017

**Interest will be calculated at the rate 7% per day if payments are not made by their due dates. Payments are considered to be made when they are received by the tax collectors and payments clear the bank.

Tax Collector:

Jennifer Roux 636-3131, ext 401 or email