History of the Town of Acton - Schools

Early teaching was by rote and drill.  Encouragement was by the rod.  The control of the district school was delegated to an agent who in turn worked with three committeemen elected by the people of the district.  The employment of the teacher, salary of the teacher, time of term opening and closing along with supervision was entrusted to the agent and committeemen. 

The schoolhouse was usually built where the land was as nearly useless as possible.  Any spot was good enough if it was in the geographic center of the district.  Children were to walk no more than 2 miles to school. 

Schools were run for two terms.  The winter term generally began the Monday after Thanksgiving and ran from 8-10 weeks depending on the weather.  The second term took place during the summer. 


Acton Schools Now and Then

  • Hilton Ridge, built in 1856, discontinued 1937
  • Lincoln School at South Acton, built in 1884, discontinued in 1957
  • Franklin School at Hubbard’s Corner, Discontinued in 1919
  • Joy School, built in 1837, discontinued in 1906
  • Hubbard’s Ridge, discontinued in 1887
  • Frog Pond School on Peck Road, built in 1876, discontinued 1893
  • Fox’s Ridge School, built in 1883, discontinued in 1950
  • Garvin Road, discontinued in 1887
  • Acton Corner, built in 1886, discontinued in 1950
  • Hopper Road, discontinued in 1887
  • Acton Ridge, discontinued in 1937
  • Young’s Ridge, discontinued in 1930
  • Great East, discontinued in 1887
  • Riverside, built in 1876, discontinued in 1957
  • Acton Elementary School built in 1957, still in use today