May 07, 2019
Other Notices

Acton Road Committee Meeting 
May 7, 2019

Committee Members Present:  Chair Leslie Berlan, Cindy Hart, Jay Ward and Brendon Meehan.  Also present: Will Langley, Joe Letourneau, Gavin Maloney, Dennis Long and BOS member Kim Stacey-Horn

Meeting opened with the Salute to the Flag at 5:00 pm


1)  Leslie Berlan will email a draft copies of the BOS Road Commissioner and Road Committee ordinances for review.

2)  Leslie took pictures of current conditions of culverts at New Bridge Road, West Shore Drive and H Road to be included in the application for state grants.

3) Discussion of scoring process of grant application. H Road application is currently being worked on to be submitted to the State of Maine by June 3rd.  If Acton were successfully awarded grants, the matching funds would have to be approved at a town meeting.

4) Conversations have been initiated between Road Committee and Fire Chief to work on safety plans which is included in grant application.  Fire Chief will have to develop a safety plan to protect residents when the work is started especially in West Shore Drive where there is only one way in.

II.     Bridges/Culverts

5) Concern raised about the prospect of having a successful grant for New Bridge Road.

6)  Went over the questions for the West Shore Drive grant application and filled in answers where we had the information.  Potential concern of the culvert would be identified as imminent danger.  Seventy-five year round homes and sixty-six seasonal homes could be potentially cut off with no means of egress.  Some questions could not be answered and will need David Langley to fill in the blanks.
7)  H Road culvert was clogged with a lot of debris.  Will Langley worked to clear to get a better assessment of the condition of the culvert.  The culvert is concrete with about fifteen feet of metal attached to one side when the road was widened.  The metal is corroded and in need of replacement.

Motion to adjourn at 6:00 pm