June 05, 2019
Other Notices

Acton Road Committee Meeting 
June 5, 2019

Committee Members Present:  Chair Leslie Berlan, Cindy Hart and Chuck Gregory. BOS member Elise Miller, Will Langley, Denny Long and Dennis Long were also present.

Meeting opened with the Salute to the Flag at 5:00 pm


1) Article 43 application for Langley Shore Rd was presented and discussed.  Motion made by Cindy Hart to recommend approval to the BOS.  Second by Chuck Gregory.  Vote 2-0 with Leslie Berlan abstaining to approve.
2) Leslie Berlan presented update on State of Main grants.  

a)  H Road grant application was completed and mailed last week.

b) David Langley had some questions about the West Shore Dr application which will be brought forward to the BOS.  The grant application will be submitted to the state for the second round in September.  Committee should talk to a biologist for suggestions and directions on West Shore Drive culvert to help with the grant application.  Motion by Chuck Gregory to get permission from BOS to speak to biologist.  Second by Cindy Hart and passed 3-0.

3) Culvert Clean out for private roads.  Road Associations have been working with contractors to get contract to clean out culverts for multiple associations to save money which could potentially be paid for with article 43 funds.
4)  Cindy Hart spoke about the state installs and monitors road counters every three years. The state does have options to use counters that can detect car traffic from trucks.  Recommend the BOS should reach out to the state to determine which roads should have truck counters. 

5) Crack sealing update.  Waiting for election of Road Commissioner.

6) Line item budgeting.  Waiting for town meeting results.

Motion to adjourn at 6:00 pm