November 12, 2018
Other Notices


November 12, 2018

Committee members present: Chuck Gregory, Cindy Hart, Leslie Berlan, and Jay Ward. Also present Select Board member Elise Miller. Two citizens (Joyce Bakshi, Dennis Long) in audience.

  • Meeting opened at 5:15 with Salute to the Flag.

  • Motion by Cindy Hart to accept the minutes of the October 29, 2018 meeting, seconded by Leslie Berlan and passed by committee.

  1. Road Issues

    1. Hopper Rd dip has been repaired.

    2. Flat Ground Rd. Total cost to date $19815.36 paid out, $6300 owed to vendor and approximately $9000 needed to complete the project. Three 40 foot culvert have been installed and 75% of the ditching is done. Gravel needs to be added to grade and crown the road. This should be completed before plowing is necessary. There is a question as to whether the road was accepted as a town road, if it is a town road, is a special town meeting required to complete this project. Elise will investigate.

    3. DOT reporting. Pete from DOT will be in Acton to do a full review to update town roads. Dennis Long reported on several issues. Documents for Buzzell Rd shows where town should be maintaining this road but the town has stopped maintaining road at the fork of Buzzell Rd and Langley Shores Dr. Hussy Hill Rd should be maintained as a town road but isn’t. Hawk Rd was accepted as a town road. Question for Elise, does the town administration have records regarding status of the roads, warrants etc. There should be a record of where the money goes. How is this information filed? There is a need to move to line item budgeting.

    4. Garvin Road. No action. Perhaps we should have AWWA advice. Road Commissioners and selectman to address the problem when the problem is actually occurring. Cindy to contact homeowner for notification.

    5. Article 43. Grant maximum per year initially set at $3,000 per request. 2 applications have been received. The application for Lakeside road was complete, work complete and vote taken to approve release of funds. Elise will take to selectmen meeting for final approval. The application for Loop Rd was not complete as work has not been done. Leslie spoke to the association president and they will reapply in the spring when work is done.

    6. Year end paving. Sam Page Rd completed last week. We need to monitor the road to assess how the road holds up with paving done in cold weather.

  2. Bridges/culverts

    1. Rowe Bridge. Estimates were requested, has town administrator received any response? Cost for guard rails was not received.

    2. Canal Bridge Calls were placed to Wakefield and waiting for response. Request engineering report from Wakefield. The state is now requiring a 50% match. Would Wakefield meet the 50%?

    3. Beaver dam. Has the trapping been done?

  3. Winter Services

    1. Security at Supply shed. According to Elise, this is on the agenda for next BOS meeting.

    2. Turnaround easements. BOS wants to wait until spring.

    3. North Lebanon Rd. BOS discussed. Dave Langley was going to discuss with Sanford.

  4. General

    1. Processes and procedures for monitoring costs for RSMS entry. Chuck will request a date for all parties to sit down and discuss.

    2. Budgets. Discussion on necessity for documentation on monies spent on each road, when work has been completed and the ability to easily access that data.

    3. Website notification. BOS should discuss whether to add ability to add a form to website to give the public a way to report road issues via email.

Meeting adjourned at 6:20