October 29, 2018
Other Notices

October 29, 2018

Committee Members Present: Cindy Hart, Chuck Gregory, Leslie Berlan, Jay Ward and Brendan Meehan. Also present Select Board member Elise Miller. Four citizens in audience.

  • Meeting opened with the Salute to the Flag at 5:00

  • Motion by Cindy Hart to accept the minutes of the October 15, 2018 meeting, second by Leslie Berlan and passed by committee.

  • Old Business

  1. Road Issues

1) Hopper Road dip – BOS looking into status. (There was a comment made by Dennis Long that the culvert has a base that was a swamp when the road was built.)

2). Flat Ground Road - report from Selectmen that the budgeted funds have been overspent with the project unfinished. Leslie asked if there is an accounting breakdown of funds spent and how much more is needed. BOS will provide information. BOS currently talking to Scott Mooney to get estimate for remaining work. Intend to complete prior to snow to provide better base for plowing.

3). Public thanks to Dave Langley for agreeing to perform the needed road plowing and maintenance for the town while the BOS is in search for road commissioner or contracting of road work. Chuck Gregory provided town administrator with information how to report town road status to the State Department of Transportation.

4). Hawke Road - Dennis Long provided information on the history of Hawke Road.

5). Horne Road - Dennis Long provided information on the history of Horne Road when the town discontinued maintenance in 2009 or 2010.

6). Garvin Road - town needs to revisit the problems with the culvert which created erosion with last year’s runoff.

II. Bridges/Culverts

1). Rowe Bridge - replacing guardrails - proposals going out this week.

2). Canal Bridge - committee requested town administrator to ask Wakefield for a copy of the HEB engineering report and specifications which may help Acton apply for grants or other funding for our responsibility for half of the project.

3). West Shore – BOS currently looking at companies to bid repairing the guardrails. Some need replacing and some need to be straightened and/or repaired. Committee requested a copy of estimate. Town will be holding off on the culvert until 2019.

  • Winter Services

1) Discussion about stockpile of sand and salt in the town shed. BOS will look into how much is left over from last season and sand delivery this year. Awaiting salt delivery.

2) The Road committee recommends better security of the town shed. The gate has been open and unlocked. Additionally, the town should consider security cameras to help protect the town’s resources. Town should have a written policy and procedures for sand and salt withdrawals.

  • General Information

1). Process and procedures form to collect important data was sent by the Road Committee to the town administrator and BOS with directions for data input into the RSMS.

2). Suggestion by the Road Committee that the town may want to create a reporting form on the towns website to allow citizens to report road issues. For example; potholes could be reported to alert the town administration and Road Commissioners. The reporting could include a dropdown menu to make it easier for citizens. The Road Committee has volunteered to assist if that is something the BOS would like.

  • New Business

  1. Road Issues

1). Article 43 applications - two applications for Road Associations currently awaiting decisions. There remains questions about what work will be considered for the applications and how much each application will be funded.

3). Sam Page Road paving and shoulders. Has not been checked but it is getting too cold to pave and should possibly be put off until spring.

4) New Bridge Road - should be held until spring, getting too cold to pave. Road Committee shared article with BOS about the problems created when paving in cold weather. Question about how much work has been completed. Thought the ditching was done, will provide more information.

II. Bridges/Culverts

1). H Road culvert is in bad shape and should be looked at to determine the best way to fix it without danger of collapsing. Needs engineering study and may be eligible for grants and other funding.

2) Discussion about long term projects and building a long term fund. BOS believes there will be a Bridge Account proposal in the next budget.

3). Goose Pond Road - Needs engineering study and may be eligible for grants and other funding.

4). Milton Mills Road - beaver dam issue is being addressed and State DOT has been working on it.

  • Winter Services

1). Turn around easements need to be secured. Road Committee provided folder to BOS with previous formal turn around easements. For the town’s protection, the turnaround easements need immediate attention.

2). North Lebanon Road - town administrator should talk to Sanford to see if they would plow the one mile Acton section which would save the town from driving the three miles to get to it.

  • Public Comments

Dennis Long spoke about the process of replacing culverts in swampy conditions.

Compliments to the Road Committee on the work they are doing. There is a need to get all parties together more. Road Commissioners and Board of Selectmen are invited to all Road Committee meetings.

Next Road Committee meetings: November 12 and November 26 which will be the final meeting of 2018.

Motion to adjourn at 6:13 pm

The goal of the Road Committee (members from the BOS, Road Commissioners and Road Committee) is to provide the people of Acton with a road maintenance plan that is Efficient, Thoughtful and Economical.