January 16, 2019
Other Notices

Acton Road Committee Meeting

January 16, 2019

Committee members present: Chuck Gregory, Cindy Hart, Brendan Meehan and Jay Ward. Also present Select Board members Elise Miller and Kim Stacey-Horn. Citizens present: Joe Roma, Dennis Long and Susan Meehan.

  • Meeting opened at 5:00 with Salute to the Flag.

  • Motion by Cindy Hart to accept the minutes of the previous meeting, seconded by Brendan Meehan and passed by committee.

  1. Road Issues

              1. Flat Ground Road

                1. Conversation about road status. Committee may draw up an Article for the Annual Town meeting regarding clarification of Flat Ground Rd status as a town maintained road. Committee will look at language of the June 2018 Article to get accurate language for new Article. Selectman suggested that the Article refer to accurate distance beginning at Hopper Rd to a certain distance of Flat Ground Road which the town would be responsible for. Request the BOS to get a sign designating the road as dead end.

                2. Look at estimate for completion of Flat Ground Rd repairs for budget allocation.

              2. Road inventory and status

                1. A meeting with the Maine Department of Transportation has produced a report for the town for road inventory. The report has been passed on to the Road Commissioner.

                2. 911 map and DOT should be the same and State is waiting for status of Flat Ground Road before finalizing.

                3. Town maps should be the same as DOT maps. Elise Miller will check up on status.

                4. Garvin Road runoff issue to remain on agenda to ensure it is not dropped. Revisit in spring.

                5. Town signage. Document provided with sign locations. Chuck Gregory will check with Pete for update. Weight limit for Milton Mills Bridge should be moved out to ensure trucks entering French Road have adequate notice of limits for options of different routes. Kim Stacey-Horn will investigate. Town should consider feasibility of whether town should post French Road closed to trucks.

II. Bridges/Culverts

              1. Town should determine when Wakefield plans to begin Canal Bridge project to assist our planning and budgeting for our portion of the project. Committee will research when Acton can apply for grants once we know when Wakefield will begin. Acton should reach out to Milton Mills, NH to discuss project.

              2. Rowe Bridge project estimates were discussed.

                1. The Road Committee voted 4-0 to recommend the HEB proposal to the Board of Selectman. HEB was about $8,000 below Calderwood.

                2. Guard rails - should have a plan and budget ready for spring to replace or repair as needed.

              3. Planning for future culvert engineering and work. Acton should develop an inventory of all the town’s culverts and status to help with a long-range plan to allow for budgeting to build up a special fund for projects. Discussion about possible warrant article to fund an account which could be used for engineering reports which would be needed for any grant opportunities.

Funding for bridge and culvert repairs. Town should consider developing at least a three year plan for anticipating future big projects and starting to pre-fund in 2019 budget. Recommendation to send letters to federal delegation of elected leaders outlining concerns for deteriorating bridges and request assistance in finding grants and other help for repairs from state and federal sources.

III. Winter Services

  1. Discussion about current status of road commissioners.

IV. General

  1. Confirmed with Elise Miller that it is the goal of the BOS to develop and utilize line item budgeting for all road expenditures.

  2. Process and procedures for accounting system. Chuck Gregory will schedule a meeting with BOS and others to review road committee requests for design of accounting system.

  3. Elise Miller will check with Jennifer Roux and IT on status of website update with posting of Road Committee minutes and agendas. Elise suggested resending all minutes and agendas to Jennifer in one email.

  4. Will revisit public opportunity to post road issues onto the town’s website.

V. Public comments

  1. Discussion of the updated job description of potential Road Commissioner position. Several thoughts on what the position should be versus what current job description indicates were mentioned and should be addressed at the Town Meeting on January 24 at 7:00 P.M.