Upcoming Agenda



JULY 30, 2009






(a)        Cable Committee Update: Scott Dunham announced that the CAPT broadcast 4 hours this past week.  They now have the capabilities to process, title and broadcast.

(b)        School Generator Update: Richard Michaud received five bids of which two were over $45,000 cap.  The two bids that were eliminated were Thomas Electric who came in at $56,818 and Kenyon Electric who came in at 54,514.  The three other bids were from Thompson & Sons at $41,900, Northern Resource Power Solutions, LLC at 40,000 and Normand Electric, Inc. at $41,000.  Richard and Ted Kryzak said the School Board requested that the bid be awarded to Normand.  Dennis asked if the proposal/contract can be amended to read that total costs shall not exceed $45,000.  Richard called Mr. Normand and confirmed the contract shall read as Dennis requested and total shall include the excavating and concrete pad which should be not exceed $3,750.


(1)   Open bids for land on 13th Street:  Did not receive any bids to date.  The board said they would revisit this piece of land again in hopes it would sell.

(2)   CMP – Pole Permit Request for Nason Road:  Motioned by Dennis to sign the request and Larissa second.

(3)   Cartographics Contract Renewal: Dennis informed those in attendance that we have received the new dispatch maps and Linda has made copies for the Fire Department and Ambulance crew.  He also explained that the annual contract with Cartographics for updating tax maps.  Dennis motioned to sign the new contract and Larissa second.

(4)   Road Commissioner, District 2, David Winchell Jr.:  David updated his ongoing projects and jobs he has completed thus far to include: replace culvert on Young’s Ridge Road due to erosion.  Replaced stolen street signs on Godding and Peacock Road.  Larrisa spoke of the theft of street signs in the past and if residence sees a sign is missing to report it to the Town Hall or anyone tampering with the signs to call the State Police.   Pam McAlinden spoke of the fine work David and his crew did on Young’s Ridge Road.  David and Dennis took a ride to check a tree on Godding road that was hit by lighting.  David hired a tree service and took the big tree down as well as used the service for a full day trimming any trees that may be a threat this winter.

(5)   Girl Scouts, Carol Long: Carol wanted to thank the Board for the use of the downstairs conference room for her Girl Scouts.  She wondered if the Board or any residence had any community service for the young girls in Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders.  The older girls wish to continue their bottle drive one day at the Transfer Station in September and October as they have in the past.  Larissa said she enjoyed teaching the girls to knit last year and would like to help the group out again with maybe a fleece project for any new babies born in Acton. 

(6)   Zoning Ordinance, Dean Knight:  Dean asked the Board if the “Acton Zoning Ordinance” (as revised and printed June 2008) be amended as follows:

4.9              Rural District

Lots in the Rural District shall meet or exceed the following requirements unless additional area is required by other provisions in this Ordinance:

Each lot shall be a minimum of two (2) acres and meet the following requirements:

            Minimum road or street frontage per dwelling unit – two hundred fifty (250) feet.


            Larissa commented that the legality with this change needed to be checked with the State.  Tony suggested to Dean that he proposed two Warrant Articles to the Board for review.  Dennis would like to check with MMA.

(7)   Lakeside Drive, Scott Dunham:  Scott presented the Board with a letter of intent to sue from an attorney representing property owner Richard and Rita Genest with regard to a culvert and erosion repair installed by FOLD (Friends of Lakeside Drive).  They July 21st letter indicated the Genest property was trespassed and altered and the group is liable for damages.  The FOLD group needs to respond within fifteen days of the letter.  It was decided that the Board would look at the issue Friday, July 31, 2009 at 9am.

(8)   Status Report of Audit:  Dennis reported that the School Audit had not been completed yet.  The Treasurer met with the auditor last week and should receive in writing a final report by September 15th.

(9) Private Road Signs:

(a)                Private Road off of Town Road – Town buys sign?

(b)               Private off Private Road – Town does not buy sign?

6.         ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larrisa announced that she and Linda Capristo will be attending an Assessing class in Waterville next week Monday thru Thursday.  She also announced the Lions Club breakfast this Saturday, 8-10 am. 

7.         MEETINGS:  Larissa reminded the audience that Chip Vennel and Kenny Paul would be holding another informational Zoning Proposed Changes, 9am - 12noon, by appointment or walk-ins are welcomed. 

8.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Larissa Crockett, Dennis Long

9.         OTHERS PRESENT:  Dick Foley, Bill Harrison, Ted Kryzak, Pam McAlinden, Roger Roy, Karl Hodgedon, John Moore, Lela Harrison, Patti Dutil, Scott Mooney, Chip Venell, Scott Dunham, Dean Knight