Upcoming Agenda



 AUGUST 13, 2009


  Tony announced it was Dennis Long’s birthday

 1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

 2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

 3.      SIGNING THE WARRANT: Approved and signed.

 4.      OLD BUSINESS:

 (a)  Cable Committee Update:  Carol Long reported they are in need of volunteers to tape various events. Next meeting will be August 22. Tony read Barbara Seckar’s resignation from the committee. On a motion by Dennis it was accepted with regret.

 (b) Road Committee Update: Pam McAlinden reported 3 members have begun the inventory. 18 town ways have been recorded with 15 to go. They will begin the private roads next. They will be given the use of the hand held GPS device. Their next meeting will be August 20.

 (c) Gym Committee Update: Cheri Smith reported they have met twice. They are requesting a formal list of what needs to be done to the building before re-opening.


1. MEET WITH SCHOOL COMMITTEE: Tony explained that this meeting was requested to discuss the audit and some discrepancies. He read a letter from the auditor and noted there was no school fund balance. The superintendent said the fund balance had been mistakenly reported by the auditor last year.  He also noted that the subsidy had been unexpectedly increased. Tony asked about the required $60,000 balance in the school checking account. Cheri said the bank requires this. Tony asked if tuition could be paid bi-annually instead of quarterly to help with the cash flow. The superintendent said he would look into this. The superintendent guaranteed that there will be plenty of communication between the School and the selectmen this year. Tony said the treasurer will be working more closely with the school this year also.

 2.   PATTI DUTIL/BUZZELL ROAD: Patti noted that the “End of Town Way” sign on Buzzell Road was in the wrong place.


3. ORDER FOR REFERENDUM ARTICLES: Dennis said action on order will be postponed until next week to allow Larissa time to check with State Planning Office if it qualifies as a “substantive” change.

4. UPCOMIG TRAINING FOR TOWN CLERK’S OFFICE: Tony reported the following schedule for training for the Town Clerk’s office: Monday, August 17th – Clerks Workshop (Portland) Jennifer, Tuesday, August 18th – Motor Vehicle Workshop (Augusta) Linda, Wednesday, August 19th – Motor Vehicle Workshop (Augusta) Linda, Wednesday, September 23rd – Clerks Workshop (Portland) Jennifer, Wednesday, September 30th – Registrar Workshop (Bangor) Jennifer. If Linda has adequate training, she may be able register vehicles while Jen is on vacation.

5. TOWN HALL REPAIRS UPDATE: Foundation has been poured and cables are attached to pull the building back.

6. WORKING ON TAX RATE ON FRIDAY: Selectmen and staff will be working on tax rate computation tomorrow morning. Open to the public.

7.      ACTON AMBULANCE: Roger Roy turned over a check from the Ambulance Association for $2,000, for retaining fee for Neil Courtney, Consultant.

8.      REMOTE CHECK CAPTURE AGREEMENT: Tony signed agreement.


Ted Kryzak reported a change in the contract for the generator. He will get contract to Selectmen.

Selectmen have approved a change in the Treasurer’s hours. New hours will be Monday – Friday plus one night of her choice, for 3 to 5 hours,

7.         MEETINGS: September 3 with School, Selectmen, Treasurer and Auditor.

8.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9.         OTHERS PRESENT:  Superintendent Hadley; School Committee members Jeanette Bearse, Judie Shain, Mary Stanton, Ted Kryzak;  Carlene Doyle, Pam McAlinden, Chip Venell, Bob Anderson, John Moore, Karl Hodgdon, Carol Long, Patti Dutil, Deb Lopez, Roger Roy, Cheri Smith, marina Elliott, David Winchell Jar, Lorraine Yeaton.