Upcoming Agenda



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of 5.(8)

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      SIGNING THE WARRANT: Approved and signed.


(a)  Cable Committee Update: Scott reported that televising is up and running. Helen Wentworth’s Birthday and the Memorial Day Service have been aired this week. The committee will be establishing a timing schedule for when programs are shown.


1. SIGN URIP CERTIFICATION: Acton’s estimated funds from the Urban-Rural Initiative Program for 2009 will be $68,016. On a motion by Dennis, Selectmen signed certification that this money will be used only for capital improvements on Town ways.

2.  POVERTY ABATEMENT: Tony reported two parties applied for poverty abatements but were denied on the basis that they did not meet criteria for poverty.

3. PARKING ON 13TH STREET DURING ACTON FAIR: Jack Kelly  asked that Selectmen contact Sheriff Department and/or Fire Department to make sure emergency vehicles could get through 13th Street during the Acton Fair.

4.  SCOTT DUNHAM/BUZZELL ROAD: Scott thanked Selectmen for their prompt visit to the site of the culvert concern. They have extended the ditch so that water can be diverted to a common area. Dennis said he has called Dick Genest twice but has had to leave messages. He will try to call again.  

5. ZONING AMENDMENT/COMP PLAN: Selectmen plan to put an article to amend zoning and comp plan to make lots in Rural District 2 acres instead of 3 acres  with road frontage of 250 feet instead of 300 feet,  as a November Referendum Question. John Moore asked them to hold off for further discussion.

6.      FIRE/RESCUE/AMBULANCE CONSULTANT: Selectmen have made an agreement with Neil Courtney at a cost of $5,800, cost to be split between Fire Department and Ambulance Association. His report is to be filed by November 15, 2009. Dennis also announced that Cheri Smith, Ed Walsh, Denise DeAngelis, Sherri Chase, Sheila Conway, Tracy Scully and Charlene Marzza will serve on a committee to reorganize the gym.

7.      ROAD COMMITTEE: Pam McAlinden reported that they met with Gerry Douglas of the Maine Local Road Center relative to road maintenance evaluation. She also asked that Selectmen appoint David Langley to replace Richard Weymouth, who has indicated his intention to resign and has missed three meetings. On a motion by Dennis, David Langley was appointed. Selectmen gave the Road Committee permission to access MMA but told them to confine information request to Roads.

8.      ACTON/SHAPLEIGH YOUTH CONSERVATION CORP: Emil Cashin extended an invitation to Selectmen and all others to attend a tour to see what the YCC has done this summer.  Tour will be held Friday, August 14 at .

Dennis asked Lorraine to contact Lois Michaud and ask her to bring GIS hand held device to Town Hall.

John Moore requested that all notices be posted on the outside bulletin board as well as inside.

7.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long

8.         OTHERS PRESENT:  Barbara Seckar, John Moore, Robin ham, Charlie Marzza, Jack Kelly, Emil Cashin, Holly Mooney, Scott and Terese Ann Dunham, Ed Cochrane, Cheri Smith, Pam McAlinden, Carol Long, Petey Smith, Lorraine Yeaton.