Upcoming Agenda




AUGUST 20, 2009



 1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

 2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

 3.      SIGNING THE WARRANT: Approved and signed.

  4.      OLD BUSINESS:

 (a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported their work in held up until the Town Hall repair is completed.

 (b) Road Committee Update: Pam and Cindy reported Town Ways on the north end are being inventoried first. They will be recording culvert locations, materials made of and condition. Dennis suggested they get the Road Commissioner to accompany them in order to determine structure and condition. They would like to put a notice in Smart Shopper explaining what they are doing.

 (c) Town Hall repairs Update: Dennis reported the foundation has been poured and the floor leveled. Pulleys will stay in place until after this weekend. He hopes it will be completed by the end of next week. Dennis also noted that despite the sign on the door warning not to enter the Town Hall, some persons used the hall to conduct a meeting. Tony asked Dennis to call them to express the Selectmen’s displeasure.


1. MIKE PETERSON REQUEST TO ADDRESS BOARD RE: COMP PLAN: Relative to the proposed changes to be voted in November, Mike asked if he could get a list of what the State mandates are so that it can be seen what changes are the states and what changes are the Committees. Dennis said he has asked for that same information but has not received it. It is obvious that people do not have a clear understanding of what they will be voting on. Tony said if enough clarification and information is not forthcoming, selectmen will not put the articles on the November ballot. Larissa suggested that she would be willing to work with Ken to get his list of changes ready to be voted on.

 2. ORDER FOR REFERENDUM VOTE: Tony read the two questions that have been prepared. They will not sign the order because the Comp Plan Committee wants to add to the list but have not given information to selectmen for approval. On a motion by Larissa it was voted to approve the articles as written, but to hold the order until no later than September 17.

 3. GENERATOR CONTRACT:  Selectmen have received a proposal from Normand’s Electric but no contract.  The Town has only approved $41,000 so the contract must state that the work will be done for that amount.


 4. SIGN POLE PERMIT FOR GOOSE POND ROAD: On a motion by Larissa the permits were signed.

 5. SET TAX RATE: Tony announced that Selectmen had decided to set the tax rate at $10.35. This is a reduction of 10 cents from last years. Larissa said she opposes decreasing the rate, she feels it should be left the same as last year. In order to lower the rate, $150,000 is  being shifted from the fund balance. If we keep the same rate as last year, this would give us the opportunity to rebuild the fund balance. Tony disagrees. The Town is in good condition and he will be aiming for a decrease again next year. Dennis said the net increase in the school budget is one of his concerns. He noted that the school staff refused to relinquish their raise this year in order to keep the budget down. Also the excise tax referendum may hurt us.  On a motion by Dennis the tax rate of $10.35 was voted. Selectmen will commit collection of the taxes this week.

  6.  STATE VALUATION RATIO DISCUSSION: Larissa reported she attended assessing school last week. Each year the Revenue Services audits each town and sets an assessing ratio based on sales for the year. Acton is at 88% this year, an increase from last years’s rate of 85%. The state reimburses the town 50% for exemptions -homestead, veterans, blind, and tree growth. Acton will be penalized because we are committing at 100%. The state will only reimburse based on our assessed ratio.

 7.         Adjournment: Adjourned at

 8.         MEETINGS:   Meet with school and auditor Sept. 3

9.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

 10.       OTHERS PRESENT:  Patti Dutil, Cindy Hart, Pam McAlinden, Bill Lotz, john Moore, Betty Mann, Peter Smith, Cheri Smith, Dean Knight, Bob Cronin, Mike Peterson, Tom Foster, Roger Roy, Carol Long, David Winchell Jr., Holly and Scott Mooney, Jack Kelly, Rey and Deborah Lopez, Lorraine Yeaton