Upcoming Agenda



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

 2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      SIGNING THE WARRANT: Approved and signed.


Tony stated that Larissa wanted to comment on the complaints about her knitting during last week’s meeting. Larissa said knitting is a form of energy control for when she is under stress. It is a routine and not a distraction. Pam McAlinden said she considered it rude to sit at the head table and knit while conducting business. Tony said he felt this was “knit picking” and he had no problem with it.



(a)  Cable Committee Update: Patti expressed her appreciation to Jen Roux for putting information on the cable. Next meeting will be September 12.

(b) Road Committee Update: Pam reported they have finished the inventory for the southerly district.  They will be redoing some of the northerly district inventory now that they have the GPS. Road Commissioner Mooney said he has marked all the culverts in his district and will furnish the size, length and condition.

(c) Town Hall Repairs Update: Dennis reported the underground drainage pipe has been installed and three catch basins. Next week will be re-shingling the roof. He feels Bill Noon has done a real good job. The gas line should be installed by Wednesday of next week.

(d) Warrant and Finance Committee Update: Roger Roy reported they have met three times but some members still don’t have budget books. They will meet again next Monday.


1. REY LOPEZ RESIGNATION:  Tony read Rey’s resignation from the Cable Committee and on a motion by Dennis, it was accepted with regret. Two new members are needed for this committee.

2. SIGN SUPPLEMNTAL TAXES: On a motion by Dennis, supplemental bills were signed for Brian Beach and Stephan Littlefield, two properties that are now Town owned but in the process of being redeemed.

3: BARBARA SECKAR RE: CABLE COMMITTEE:  Barbara gave out copies of the Cable policy, calling selectmen’s attention to Section V, Volunteer Personnel, and a copy of an email from Scott Dunham asking for two paid positions. She feels the committee needs to make do with what money they have and wants the selectmen to take notice of what is going on. Dennis said he has attended most meetings and the selectmen have seen and approved all the bills. They do not have enough volunteer help and if the service is to be continued they may have to pay personnel to do the work. Tony said the committee members have worked hard and have not misspent funds. Virginia Deboer said Barbara did a wonderful job while she was on the committee. Marian Elliott said the cable program would not be where it is today without Barbara. Pam noted that the work is very technical and if they can’t get enough volunteers they will need to pay someone to do it.

4. FEE SCHEDULE: Two changes were made in the proposed fee schedule – add single copies 25 cents a page and property cards 25 cents a page. On a motion by Dennis, the amended fee schedule was adopted and will be posted in all offices.

5. GENERATOR CONTRACT:  On a motion by Dennis the contract was signed.

6. COMP PLAN COMMITTEE REQUEST: John Moore asked why the board wants to extend the voting date on the proposed changes until June. Dennis said selectmen have not been given a copy of the proposed changes. What they received was a draft that has since, been amended. Tony said he will not promote a vote until people know what they are voting on. Dennis said he has been asking for a copy of what the State mandates are and what the committee is recommending for two months but has been given nothing. He was told at last meeting to contact SMRPC. Why hasn’t the committee generated this list? Tom Cashin suggested that there should be a meeting between the selectmen and his committee to discuss what the selectmen want. He asked that the selectmen submit in writing what information they want and the Tony agreed to do so.

Patti Dutil and Carol feel they should resign from the Cable Committee. Tony asked that they meet with selectmen before they make that decision.

Larissa reported she has met with a York County Advocacy Group relative to an expanded vocational program for Sanford High and a concern for better apportionment of DOT funds for stae road repair. She will be following up with these concerns. Also, volunteers are needed for the Mary Grant Committee, Cable TV Committee and Zoning Board of Appeals. Larissa has posted information relative to tax bills and helpful hints to a Facebook page.

Dennis noted that the commitment has been signed, Town Hall will be closed on Saturday, August 28 and there will be a meeting between Selectmen, Warrant and Finance Committee, School Committee and Auditor on September 3 at .

7.         MEETINGS:   Meet with school and auditor Sept. 3, .

8.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9.         OTHERS PRESENT:  Patti Dutil, John Moore, Virginia Deboer, Andy Brazier, Marian Elliott, Barbara Seckar, Roger Roy, Karl Hodgdon, Jim Crowley, Jim  Labelle, Pam McAlinden, Richard  Michaud, Chip Venell, Rob Meyer, Yoli Gallagher, Scott and Holly Mooney, Carol Long, Tom Cashin, Lorraine Yeaton.