Upcoming Agenda




SEPTEMBER 10, 2009



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of 4.(c) and 5.(8), and moving discussion of 5.(3), APAT Policy to 4.(a).

2.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.       SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed. Dennis reported they were withholding payment of the county tax and insurance until more taxes come in.


(a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported Virginia had been doing some” Around Town” taping. Anyone may request a specific time for airing a video. Next meeting is Sept, 12 and the committee requests the selectmen’s attendance. APAT  POLICYS & REGULATIONS: Dennis made a motion to eliminate Section III, part 2, (Membership fee) from the policy and it was so voted. Carol said that they are working on certification of training to use the equipment. Rey said a fee was needed in case of damage to equipment. Dennis said it is already included in the Town’s insurance policy.

(b) Road Committee Update: Pam reported they have been working on private roads with several completed. Committee members have put in 157 hrs this week.

(c) Town hall Update: Dennis reported the outside has been clapboarded. There is one more days work inside overhead. Cost for to replace the existing clapboards on new part is $3,000, old part $,500. Larissa asked about volunteer labor. She will check with MMA to see if the insurance would cover volunteers and she will get an estimated cost for cedar clapboards.


1. LIQUOR LICENSE; Tony read a letter from The Maine Department of Public Safety Liquor Licensing stating the decision of the Town of Acton in denying renewal of a  permit  for a Liquor License to Big Daddy’s Barbeque has been upheld and the temporary license shall cease Sept. 30, 2009. This decision may be appealed within 30 days. Larissa is checking to see if the temporary license in still in place in case of an appeal and who enforces non-compliance.

2. TRANSFER STATION/STEVE LEDOUX: Steve reported because of budget contraints, he is proposing closing the Transfer Station on Monday and extending the hours of the open days to . They will install more lighting and close the reception of bulky waste at 4 pm. Tony asked Steve to put this in writing.

3. APAT  POLICYS & REGULATIONS: Discussed under 4.(a).

4: CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT FOR NEW SIGN: A Conditional Use permit has been filed with the Planning Board for the proposed sign at 109 and H Road, if permit is granted, electric connection will depend on cost.  Bob Anderson and Rey Lopez feel there is no need for another sign. Roger Roy said he had asked for postings on the Fire Department sign and it was not done. Harold Smith said the Fire Department has now posted a template on the internet asking for the information to be posted in writing. Percy Lowell said he feels the Town sign would be beneficial to get Town news publicized. He suggested the light be put on a timer. The sign permit is on the Planning Board agenda for September  17.


6. DATE CHANGE FOR PUBLIC HEARING: The date for the public hearing for the November Referendum is changed to October 8 at Selectmen’s meeting time will be changed to .


8. ROAD COMMISSIONERS: Scott Mooney was the only Road Commissioner present. He reported that they will be working on winter sand soon. Dennis suggested they should go to bid for the sand. Dennis asked if the guard rails on Goose Pond have been put in and Scott said they have not. They should be installed before winter. There was some discussion on street signs on private roads. Selectmen asked Scott to put together a list of missing signs that need to be replaced.

Larissa reminded everyone of two public hearings on the November Referendum – the Planning Board hearing is September 24 at and the Selectmen’s hearing is October 8 at .

Bob Anderson stated his objection to Larissa knitting during meeting. Selectmen should be focused on business.

Roger Lewis asked what to tell people about winter sand availability at  the Transfer Station since they will only be open two days a week. Selectmen said to tell them they must get their sand on Saturday or Wednesday. They need to get their sand ahead of time, not wait until a storm. Roger also asked about people who want to give food to the food pantry. Lorraine said they may bring non-perishable goods to the Town Hall and we will see that the pantry gets it.

6.         MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

7.        OTHERS PRESENT: Carol Long, Patti Dutil, Brian Cochrane, Rey and Delores Lopez, Bob Anderson, John Moore, Percy Lowell, Harold Smith, Virginia Deboer, Paul Poyant, Pam McAlinden, Roger Roy, Yoli Gallagher, Ethan Current, Roger Roy, Chip Venell, Andrew Cogliandro, Lorraine Yeaton