Upcoming Agenda




APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.


SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.


(a)        Cable Committee Update: Patti reported that Andrew Cogliandro is now working with the committee. He worked on editing on Saturday and is tonight learning about audio. Tony noted he had attended the Saturday meeting and was amazed at the amount of work being done.

(b) Road Committee Update: Dennis reported the survey is completed and information being downloaded. The MDOT will be coming to assess our program.

(c) Town Hall Update: Dennis reported the work is now completed and he complimented Noon Construction for the good work they have done.


1.  DAVID WINCHELL: David reported he has 81 roads for signs in his district. He will submit a list of signs missing to Lorraine. He has culvert problems on Hopper Road and trees that need to come down on Buzzell Road.They will be bidding for winter sand and hope to begin stockpiling by the 2nd week in October.  


2. SIGN PROPERTY COVERAGE EXCLUSION: On a motion by Dennis exclusion of insurance coverage for the salt/sand shed was signed. The foundation and roof have been reinforced but it does not pass an engineer’s study report.

3. TRANSFER STATION MANAGER’S PROPOSAL: On a motion by Dennis, the Transfer Station change of days and hours as proposed by the manager were approved.

4: POLICY ON STREET SIGNS: On a motion by Dennis, a policy stating the Town will provide street signs to all E-911 streets and the Road Commissioners will maintain, was signed.

5. SIGN POLE PERMIT: On a motion by Dennis a permit to install a utility pole on the H Road was signed.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larissa reported she had attended a meeting of the York County Advocacy Group. Her two points of interest that affect Acton are the vocational school in Sanford and the inaccuracy of the Maine FEMA Floodplain Maps.

Dennis announced that Susan Collins will be sending a representative from her office to discuss issues of concern on November 17.  More information will be available at a later date.

The Center for Disease Control reports a case of Triple E, (Eastern Equine Encephalitis) in an Acton horse. More information will be available tomorrow.

1. CPR COURSE: October 10, at the Public Safety Building. Cost is $25. Checks made out to Kevin Romano can be brought to the Town Hall by October 1.

2. MAINE REVENUE SERVICE WORKSHOP: An informal workshop on tax relief programs, (Tree Growth, Farm and Open Spaces) will be held at the Town Hall on October 19 from to .

3, APPLE FESTIVAL begins at on Saturday, Sept.19 with an apple pancake breakfast. At , for a small donation, Larissa will be ready and waiting for those who wish to dunk her in a tank of COLD water.

4. CANAL BRIDGE: Selectmen met with Wakefield Selectmen last week. They plan to get estimates on repair of the bridge, which the two towns will share the cost of.

5. PUBLIC HEARINGS for the Zoning changes are September 24 and October 8.

6. SALT BID: A bid for $61.41 with Granite State Minerals has been signed.

7.  sign@actonmaine.org is the e-mail address for information that is requested to be put on the new message board sign that is proposed for the Town hall

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

OTHERS PRESENT: John Moore, Al Peterson, Mr. Wood of Hawk Road, Bob Anderson, Virginia Deboer, Brian Cochrane, Patti Dutil, Carol Long, Andrew Cogliandro,  Mary and Scott Stanton,  Petey Smith, Lorraine Yeaton