Upcoming Agenda



SEPTEMBER 24, 2009



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.       SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.


(a)  Cable Committee Update: Patti reported they are having problems with the audio on films being aired. They are working to improve this. Next meeting is Saturday.

(b)  Road Committee Update: Pam reported the road survey data has been entered into the system. They are waiting for counters to be set up on the 5 busiest town ways. The committee has put in over 200 man hours since August 12. There will be a workshop meeting on the new laws involving assistance to private ways on November 7 at at the Town Hall. State Senator Nass and Wendy Garland from MDEP will be present.


1. SHERIFF: Deputy Steve Thistle from the York County Sheriff Department was present to discuss the County budget cuts resulting in the loss of 7 Sheriff Department positions. People are concerned with the lack of night patrol especially in these rural areas. Residents may contact the County Commissioners and their legislators to express their concerns.

2. EQUIPMENT RATES: On a motion by Dennis it was voted to adopt the rates recommended by the Road Advisory Committee.

3. POLICY AMENDMENT:  On a motion by Dennis the Policy on Signs was amended by adding: 3. The costs for street signs to be paid out of the Equipment Account.

4. SECURITY SYSTEM: Tony announced that the Selectmen are getting price quotes on up-grading the security system. The Cable studio need security installed and selectmen are looking into a camera system for the municipal offices.

5. ELISE MILLER RESIGNATION FROM CPIC: On a motion by Dennis, Elise Miller’s resignation was accepted with regret. Lorraine will note in the newspaper that there is an opening on that committee.

6.  APPOINTMENTS TO MARY GRANT COMMITTEE AND FIRE CHIEF: Ed Walsh was appointed as Fire Chief and Ethan Current and Dan Archambault were appointed to the Mary Grant Nature Preserve Committee.

7.  DAVID WINCHELL: David reported he is in the process of getting permission for the public to pass over

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larissa is trying to organize a Pride Day involving  community participation to take place in in 2010. Anyone interested should contact her. She is also forming a knitter’s club at the Acton Public Library the 1st Saturday of each month at 11 am beginning October 3.

Tony reported the following changes to the State of Maine Animal Welfare Laws: “Law enforcement officers and animal control officers shall take a stray animal to its owner, if known, or if the owner is unknown, to a shelter and shall ensure that any injured companion animal that is at large or in a public way is given proper medical treatment”.  It is the duty of the ACO to obtain medical treatment if needed, prior to bringing it to the shelter in Kennebunk.

The CRP Training Class will be held at the Public Safety building on October 10 at at a cost of $25.

Tony read a letter from a taxpayer praising the performance of the workers at the Transfer Station. Roger Lewis said people are not happy about being closed on Monday.  Tony said tell them to bring their complaints to the selectmen. Travis Penny said the employees are unhappy about having their hours cut. Dennis said it was either lay off employees, cut hours and lose health benefits, or close one day in order to stay within the budget.

Peterson expressed concern about getting winter sand. Winchell feels they should go back to the Transfer Station. Tony said our insurance will not allow letting the public in that area because of liability.  Selectmen will give the winter sand situation consideration.

Larissa said she has checked with the insurance to allow volunteers to put the siding on the town hall and coverage can be obtained at a minimal cost.

7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Patti Dutil, Brian Cochrane, Doris Nevison, Carol Long, Roger Roy, Joyce  Winchell, Roger Lewis, Travis Penny, Ken Paul, Virginia Deboer, David Winchell Jr., Peter Smith, Karl Hodgdon, Pam McAlinden, Mike Petersen,  John Moore, Lorraine Yeaton