Upcoming Agenda



OCTOBER 1. 2009



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of New Business 10., and a request to take the gym committee first under new business.

2.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.       SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.


(a)  Cable Committee Update: Patti said they met Saturday and worked on the audio and lighting.

(b)  Road Committee Update: Pam reported that she, Cindy and Jack will be going to Augusta to discuss counters for the roads to determine extent of traffic.


1. SHERIFF: Maurice Ouellette said he was present to answer any questions or concerns folks have regarding the County layoffs. He has 11 deputies to cover 585 sq, miles in 14 towns. He has had to take 2 of his detectives and put them on to patrol. When calls come in they have to answer by priority for the most at risk. Sheriff Ouellette said he has received a grant for domestic violence so he should be able to bring another detective on board. He does have a call sharing agreement with the State Police. One thing that has helped is that several of the laid off deputies have gotten jobs so will not be drawing down the unemployment fund. Rachel Sherman from the Clerical Union for County workers was also present. She noted that staff at the registry has been reduced from 11 to 4 causing services to come to a halt. There will be a meeting relative to the budget on October 14 at . She suggested those concerned contact John Sylvester in Alfred.


3. OPEN BIDS FOR WINTER SAND: Bids received were Libby, $7.99 per cu. yd.; McCoy, $8.50; Turk $6.00; STS, $6.49; RW, $5.80; Yeaton/Mooney, $5.94; Pepin, $6.40. Libby and McCoy were eliminated as too high, RW and Yeaton/ Mooney were eliminated as not quality sand. Larissa suggested that they ask for sand samples but was told that is not feasible. The sample might not be the same as what was delivered. On a motion by Dennis, Turk’s bid for $6.00 was accepted.

4.  MEET WITH GYM COMMITTEE:  Cheri Smith reported the committee met and cannot afford to make all the required improvements so they will be moving their equipment back to the fire station. Tony noted the committee has never met with the selectmen to discuss what needs to be done. The Town will be responsible for many of the improvements to the building. The committee just needs to correct the code violations. The selectmen will meet with the committee on October 15.

5. APPROVAL OF POLICIES- PURCHASE GUIDELINE AND CUTTING EDGES & BOLTS: On a motion by Larissa the Purchase Guideline was adopted. On a motion by Dennis the Cutting Edges /bolts policy was adopted.

6. TRANSFER STATION: Steve Ledoux was present and reported that relative to the new hours he had found the cost of lighting for the evening hours too expensive and the public has not been happy with the decision to close on Monday. Therefore, the new schedule starting October 21 will be Monday , Wednesday and Saturday .

7. WAIVE FEE FOR MAPS FOR MOUSAM LAKE ASSOCIATION: On a motion by Dennis it was voted not to waive the fee. Dennis and Tony voting in the affirmative.

8. MIKE CONWAY’S APPEAL:  Mike was present and explained that his Tree Growth Plan was done in 2007 and his application was submitted. It was noted that his forester had signed in the wrong place and he got this corrected. The assessor had denied his application because it was unsigned and the date the forester signed was incorrect.. Larissa said it was apparent from the date of the plan it was his intent to file. Larissa made a motion to grant him his tree growth exemption. It was so voted with Larissa and Tony voting in the affirmative. Dennis abstained from voting.

9. DISCUSSION: (1) Policy re: bid for contracted work, minimum price. Dennis noted the purchase guideline says $4,000. (2) Dissolution of Cable Committee Replace with Board of Trustees: The purpose of the cable committee was to get it up and running, which has been accomplished. Selectmen will be looking at dissolution of the committee and establishment as a department of the Town. (3) Phone price quotes.  Jennifer furnished price quotes for an emergency line in the Town Hall and a reg line in the TV studio. BCN, our present carrier was the lowest quote at $37.50 for the emergency line and $45.20 studio line with unlimited long distance. Selectmen will check with the budget to see if addition money is available.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Public Hearing Oct 8 at     Selectmen’s Meeting at

Meeting with Fire Chief Ed Walsh Friday morning

7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Brian Cochrane, Doris Nevison, Andrew Cogliandro, Steve Ledoux, Karl Hodgdon, Bob Anderson, John Moore, Peter Smith, Ed Walsh, Cheri Smith, Tracy Scully, Scott Mooney, Rachel Sherman, Debra Casey, Jannine Nichold,  David and Gail Boisvert, David Winchell, Roger Roy, Mary and Scott Stanton, Mike Conway, Ethan Current, Lorraine Yeaton