Upcoming Agenda





OCTOBER 8. 2009




1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.


2.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.       SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.




(a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported they have been working on the audio and video and believe they have improved both. They have received good feedback from the public.


(b)  Road Committee Update: Karl reported that 5 traffic counters have been put out. Next week they will change them to 5 different roads. The information will be shared with the MDOT.




1. PUBLIC HEARING GA ORDINANCE: Tony opened the hearing and read the maximums to the public. There were no comments on the Ordinance but questions were asked about the increase in requests for assistance.  The hearing was then closed.


2. ADOPTION OF GA APPENDICES A-C: On a motion by Dennis the Ordinance Appendices were adopted.


3 SIGN ASSESSOR’S RETURN FOR COUNTY TAX: Selectmen signed the warrant stating they have assessed property owners for the collection of the County Tax. On a motion by Dennis it was voted to pay the county tax, $306,055.87, on the October 22 warrant.

4.TELEPHONE IN TOWN HALL: On a motion by Dennis, it was voted to install an emergency line in the Town Hall and a regular line in the TV Studio. 5. DAVID WINCHELL Jr.: David asked the selectmen to consider selling the D-6 and the Bryant Sanders to make room in the tractor shed. David Winchell Sr. made an offer to store the D-6 for free and get it in running condition.  David Jr. will get a list of equipment with description to Lorraine.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larissa would like to do Thanksgiving baskets for those in need. Bob Anderson is willing to bring and foods donated at the Transfer Station to the food pantry.


Dennis said he would like to meet with the Fire and Rescue Committee to see what progress they have made. Larissa said the committee voted not to make any decisions until the consultants report is received. Ed Walsh said the committee has pretty much ironed out the problems they had.


7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Rob Meyer, Patti Dutil, Brian Cochrane, Andrew Cogliandro, Ed Walsh, Peter Smith,


John Moore, David and Joyce Winchell, David Winchell Jr., Pam McAlindon, Jack Kelly, Doris Nevison, Virginia Deboer, Chip Venell, Ethan Current, Wesley Ham, Mike Conway, Dean Knight, Paul Poyant, Joe Ruma, Elise Miller, Paul Larose, Stan Smith, Lorraine Yeaton