Upcoming Agenda





OCTOBER 22. 2009




1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written, with the understanding that Dick Neal’s presentation would be last.


2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.      SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.




(a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported that Virginia Deboer has been doing many  tapings of events around town. Carol is trying to schedule airing on Channel 26 at several different time slots so that more people can view them.


(b)  Road Committee: Jack Kelly reported that all counting equipment has been returned to the State DOT. A report of the results will be sent to Pam.



1. AMENDMENT TO POLICY ON DAILY DEPOSIT PROCEDURE: On a motion by Dennis, the policy was amended to state, “Checks collected by the Town Clerk/Tax Collector are to be submitted to the Treasurer by ” instead the previous time of .

2. 13TH STREET: Tony noted that 13 th Street residents have asked to be plowed by the Town as the Town is obligated to plow Covewood Drive, an accepted Town Way and must pass over 13th Street to get there.  It was indicated that they have all the easement from the abutters. Tony said he favors approval stating the new legislation passed removes the liability. Dennis said while he favors approval he is reluctant to approve this because of the “can of worms” this may open. He asked that it be tabled until next week when all three selectmen will be present. Pam said that Tony was mis-interpreting the law, that the Town would still have liability. Pam favors the town plowing 13th Street. Virginia Grover noted that this has been as issue for many years. Dick Neal said there may be a question about where 13th Street ends because the State moved the old 109.

3 APPOINT BALLOT CLERKS: Selectmen appointed Jennifer Roux ,Warden, and Ballot Clerks Tom and Estelle Gore, Michael and Sheila Conway, Cheri Smith, Bob Anderson, Nancy Ruma.

4 APPOINT REP TO SACO RIVER COMMISSION: On a motion by Dennis, Roy Trafton was reappointed as Representative to Saco River Corridor Commission. An alternate is still needed.

5. DICK NEAL: Dick reported that he has been collecting old Town Reports for the Acton-Shapleigh Historical Society. He brought information which he read from the 1909 Town Report. Some interesting facts were the tax rate in 1909 was $16.50. Selectmen’s salaries were $50 for 1st Selectman, $30, for 2nd Selectman and $25 for 3rd Selectman.


Tom Cashin came into the meeting as Selectmen had requested he meet with them either Thursday night or Friday morning. Tom stated that relative to the Selectmen’s request for information, he felt it was detrimental to the decision making process to furnish the information requested. Selectmen had requested a copy of the Shoreland zoning being mandated by the State and the changes to the zoning that are being requested by the Comp Plan Committee. Selectmen do not feel comfortable presenting the changes to the public if they do not know what changes are being made.




Pies for the Pantry – flour, sugar, canned pumpkin, evaporated milk


7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Roger Roy, Dick Neal, Doris Nevison, Bob Anderson, Peter Smith, Holly Mooney, John Moore, Carol Long, Pam McAlinden, Chip Venell,  Brian Cochrane, Virginia Grover Jack Kelly, David Winchell Jr., Tom Cashin, Lorraine Yeaton