Upcoming Agenda


 OCTOBER 29. 2009


1.       APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.       SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.  


(a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported they have been having some technical problems which they are working on. They will be doing some training on editing and updating. Rey Lopez said he applauds their hard work. He would like to see the date when the tape was videoed on the bottom of the screen. Larissa suggested a calendar on the desk showing the date.

(b) Road Committee Update: None

(c) 13TH STREET Bill Gannon showed some maps of 13th Street. The Road association has paved 1.5 miles. They are requesting winter maintenance. Larissa said she would like to have a legal opinion as to whether the Selectmen can make that decision. Winchell said he does not feel it will cost very much. Pam says Shapleigh plows private ways will easements to the Town. Virginia Grover said they are only asking for plowing and sanding, not any maintenance. Gannon says they have all easement except one and he thinks that one will agree. On a motion by Dennis it was voted to plow and sand 13th Street 


 1. AMENDMENT TO PERSONEL POLICY: On a motion by Dennis it was voted to amend the Personnel Policy to include flex time accrued quarterly.

 2. ESTABLISH HOLIDAY DATES FOR CLOSED OFFICES FOR THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS: Request - Closed Nov. 26, 27 Open Nov. 28; Closed Dec. 24, 25, 26; Closed Dec .31, and Jan. 1, Open Jan 2. Selectmen’s meetings on those Thursday closed will be rescheduled for Tuesdays, Nov. 24 and Dec.22. On a motion by Larissa it was so voted.

3. ROAD COMMISSIONER MOONEY, UPDATE: Scott reported the guardrails are up on Acton Ridge and Goose Pond Road.  He is currently working on ditching on Goose Pond Road and drainage at the entrance. Tom Cashin expressed concern about the ad in the Smart Shopper paid for by Peterson relative to the Town’s referendum vote on Nov. 3. He feels Peterson’s comments are misleading and would like the Selectmen to post notice of such. All three selectmen agreed that they cannot and will not reply to every printed notice that may be incorrect.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Jennifer and Lorraine have both been called for the Traverse Jury for November and December. This can mean up to 15 days that they may be out of the office during that 2 month period. Duty starts on November 9.

 Larissa reminded everyone of the pie project for Thanksgiving baskets and the need for pumpkin, canned milk, sugar and flour.

 7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at .

 8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

 9. OTHERS PRESENT: Linda and Norman Lambert, Peter and Elaine Beck, Bill and Mary Gannon, Jack  Kelly, Virginia Grover, John Moore, Ann Germon,  Doris Nevison, Brian Cochrane, David Winchell Jr., Roger Roy, Pam McAlinden, Dean Knight, Rey and Delores Lopez, Carol Long, Holly and Scott Mooney, Andrew Cogliandro, Larry Vallier, Chip Venell, Scott McLeod, Tom Cashin, Lorraine Yeaton