Upcoming Agenda



November 19, 2009


 1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.      SIGN WARRANT:  Approved and signed.

4.      OLD BUSINESS: (a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported she has had many requests for DVD’s of films shown. Next meeting will be Saturday, November 21. They are working on the audio portion of the tapes.

 (b) Road Committee: Karl reported they are still researching material relevant to Buzzell Road/Lakeside Drive. He does not know, at this time, if they will be meeting in December.


1. SQUARE POND IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION DELEGATION: Bill Hayes and Phil Gannon were present representing SPIA. Hayes distributed copies of his presentation noting the problems they have been having with the grates at the gate house.  The first phase of the project to correct the problems was paid for by SPIA. Sanford, who owns the dam, would not spend any money on the project. The SPIA is asking Acton selectmen to include an article in the June warrant to help with the funding. Dennis stated that the selectmen are willing to put an article before the voters. Larissa said there is a meeting in Sanford in December scheduled.  Dick Neal suggested that Mousam Lake Association also be involved.

2. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT DISCUSSION: Larissa read information from the Freedom of Access Act, noting there is a fine of up to $500 for violation of the law. She would like to give all the Town board members a 3 page summary. Training is required and can be obtained free of charge on line or $20 for attendance at a MMA class. Dennis said they will wait until Tony is present to take action. Several persons in the audience offered comments and their opinions on the matter.

 3. RICHARD NEAL WITH SUMARY OF THREE RIVERS LAND TRUST EASEMENT REPORT ON MARY GRANT NATURE PRESERVE: Richard read from the evaluation sheet. The grounds are good, building is good, outhouse needs to be repaired and a pine near the road needs to be taken down. Dennis signed the report on behalf of the selectmen.

4. DAVID WINCHELL JR,: David reported all dirt roads have been graded and the guard rail has been installed at Rowe Dam. The signs still need to be posted. Larissa said the DOT recommends that the posting be by axle rather than weight.

 6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dennis announced the credit card contract is expiring. December 5 will be the last day. Because the use of credit cards costs the Towns money, the State has changed the law and is allowing towns to charge a convenience fee to card users.

Larissa announced the Lamberts and Becks are going to Arlington National Cemetery to place wreaths on the veteran’s graves. They would like to personally attend to the graves of Acton residents, their family members or friends. Contact Lorraine at the Selectmen’s Office if you know of someone buried there.

 The Annual Christmas Tree Lighting will take place on December 5 at sponsored by the 4-H club.

 7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at .  

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Rey and Deborah Lopez, Carol Long, Dick Neal, Bob Anderson, Patti Dutil and her daughter, Mlke Petersen, John Moore, Karl Hodgdon, Jack Kelly, Roger Roy, Pam McAlinden, David Winchell Jr., Ann Germon, Paul Poyant, Bill Hayes, Phil Gannon, Bill Gannon, Scott and Holly Mooney, Joe Ruma, Betty Mann, Ethan Current, Lorraine Yeaton.