Upcoming Agenda





November 24, 2009




1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of subject “Face Book”.

 2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.

 4.      OLD BUSINESS:

(a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported they have been having technical difficulties with the last end of meetings being cut off, but they believe that they have got the problem fixed. They still need more people to run the camera. Anyone interested should contact them. They will train.

(b) Road Committee: Karl reported they are still researching background information.

(c) Freedom of Information Act Distribution: Larissa reported that there is a need for our committee and board members to receive this training, There is a MMA class in December in Saco or the course may be taken for free on the internet. She would like to distribute this information to the boards and committees. Tony said he agreed.



1. BOB BOHLMANN: Bob will be at our next meeting. Ed Walsh reported he hopes to have all his members certified in NIMS (National Incident Management System) training by the end of December.

2. AWWA: A letter of support for their program was signed by Tony.

3. FACE BOOK: Tony read a letter from Ted Clapp noting that he did not recommend the Town be involved with the site. Tony noted that derogatory information had been posted which he could not delete. He feels maybe the site should be taken off. Larissa said she would like to contact Face Book first to see if there are safeguards available. The site is doing an excellent job getting the news out, with many users. The selectmen, one member from the school and one from the Rec Dept. manage the site. Dennis said he in uncomfortable with anyone beside the selectmen having control. Dennis made a motion to shut the site down, seconded by Tony. It was voted 2-1 to do so, with Larissa voting in opposition.

4. POLICY AMENDMENT:  The word “Thursday” in Article VI, section B in the Personnel Policy needs to be changed to “Friday”. On a motion by Dennis, a corrected Personnel Policy was signed.

 5. EXECUTIVE SESSION 1 M.R.S.A. 405 (6) (F): On a motion by Larissa, the board went into Executive session at 7:55 pm. Dennis noted he was abstaining from participating in the session. They returned to the meeting at and came out of Executive Session. Tony announced that the board had agreed to issue a poverty abatement.

 6.      ANNOUNCEMENTS: Neil Courtney called and said his report should be received by next week.

 Both Dennis and Rey Lopez expressed their appreciation to the school for accommodating the camera, and for a positive meeting on Monday night.  It was suggested to invite the public to come up with some suggestions and ideas for reducing the budget.

 Lorraine expressed her appreciation to the Lions Club and to an anonymous donor for turkeys and Thanksgiving baskets for those in need.

 7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at .

 8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett.

 9. OTHERS PRESENT: Ethan Current, Paul Poyant, Carol Long, Patti Dutil, Peter Smith, Ed Walsh, Karl Hodgdon, John Moore, Rey and Delores  Lopez, Roger Roy, Hazen Rogers, Doris Nevison, Brian Cochrane, Andrew Cogliandro, Chip Venell, Linda Peterson, Lorraine Yeaton.