Upcoming Agenda





December 10, 2009





1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.


2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.      SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.



(a)  Cable Committee Update: Carol reported that Brian has put Christmas music background on the station. There is going to be a link on the Town’s web site so that the videos of the Selectmen’s meetings can be viewed. They received compliments that the school audio was much improved. Carol noted that the last meeting at the school was filmed in the library, which has much better acoustics.



1. UPDATE ON TOWN REPORT: Dennis reported the Town Report is nearly ready for printing. He needs more information from the Treasurer and larger print on the school‘s vender list. As soon as Cheri returns from vacation, the report should be ready to go.


2.UPDATE ON  BUDGET: Tony read the following letter which selectmen sent to all committee and department heads:” We need to begin our 2010-2011 budgeting process and would like to ask each department head to meet with the Selectmen as soon as possible to discuss this. As you all know, we are in the worst economic recession in recent history and this has hit many Acton residents very hard. There is no turn around in sight for next year so we must approach this very aggressively to get our citizens some tax relief. First, we are considering a spending freeze on all non-essential services and ask that you present a plan on what spending you can eliminate in this fiscal year. It is crucial that we bolster our general fund. Second, all budgets will start with the same amount as last years appropriation and from that figure an additional 3% cut.  This is what we need you to present to us and we will take it from there. Again, all meetings should be as soon as possible with a deadline for complete budget presentation of January 15, 2010, so we may present them to the Warrant and Finance Committee. We thank you for your anticipated cooperation”. The library is meeting with Selectmen next week.


3. OBSERVER: It was noted that a reporter was present at last weeks meeting and said they were sorry that they had not more carefully monitored the ads. Selectmen stated they appreciate the Observers consideration.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dennis noted that the report from Neil Courtney has been received and copies distributed to fire and rescue. A meeting will be scheduled for January.


It was also noted that work will begin in January to update our Emergency Plan.                                      


7. ADJOURNMENT:  Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Anthony Cogliandro, Dennis Long


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Holly Mooney, Carol Long, Jim Crowley, Chip Venell, Bob Anderson, Ed Walsh, Denise DeAngelis, John Moore, Rey and Delores Lopez, Jack Kelly, Karl Hodgdon, Brian Cochrane, Andrew Cogliandro, Patti Dutil, David Winchell, Lorraine Yeaton.