Upcoming Agenda


 December 17, 2009



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with an amendment to remove numbers 4 and 7 from new business and add 5.(c) to old business..


2.       APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.      SIGN WARRANT: Approved and signed.

4.      OLD BUSINESS: (a)   Cable Committee Update: Carol reported some difficulty in programming last week which was apparently the result of low temperatures in studio. Selectmen will be providing a heater. Virginia Deboer has filmed a segment at the Acton Public Library with Mary Waterhouse which will be aired at regular intervals.

(b)    Road Committee: Karl presented the Selectmen with a report, noting the committee recommends the Town take back the responsibility of maintaining Buzzell Road to Foley Way and plow through to Crawford’s pit. Tony said the Selectmen will take action next Tuesday at their meeting.



1. PURCHASE AGREEMENT WITH TRIO FOR CREDIT CARD USE: On a motion by Larissa the contract was signed.


2. POLICY FOR ACCEPTANCE OF CREDIT CARDS: On a motion by Larissa the policy was signed.

3. CONSERVATION COMMITTEE: Dennis reported that last May a check for $500 was cut for Stephan Roy to repair Veteran’s gravestones which Mr. Roy reports he has not been asked to do. This year Lois Michaud asked for a purchase order to get a GPS to locate cemeteries. Later, when Selectmen asked about the GPS, Lois told them it didn’t work satisfactorily so she returned it and got a credit in her name with which she was going to purchase supplies. Selectmen asked for the credit memo or receipts for supplies to show how the money was spent. Lois walked out of the office. Selectmen and the Treasurer have written several letters to Lois noting that the Town has to show proof of how money was spent, but have received no reply from Lois. They contacted MMA and were advised that they needed to either go to court to recover the money or remove her from office. Dennis made a motion to remove Lois Michaud from the Conservation Committee effective this date. The Selectmen so voted. Lorraine was asked to notify Lois of this action and to note in the paper that a volunteer is needed to replace her. It was also noted that all members of the Conservation were asked to attend this meeting tonight. Wesley Ham, Frank Verock and William Maloney were present.  Hannah Phillips and Lois claimed to have previous engagements.




5. WILLIE’S ALE HOUSE: A request from William Pallidino asking for the Potting Shed to be able to remain open until New Years Eve was approved on a motion by Dennis.

6. ED WALSH: Ed reported the 1988 GMC Fire Truck needs to be replaced because of rust. They have the opportunity to purchase a 1986 MAC, 1000 gallon plastic tank, 4 man cab with seat belts in good condition for $15,000. Selectmen stated they are only authorized to use $5,000 for purchase of equipment.  The Fire Department may pursue selling the generator stored at Smith’s and also selling the 1988 GMC and using what money remains from their budget  and going to the special town meeting in April for more funding.

7. DAVID WINCHELL: Removed from agenda.


8.  LETTER TO COUNTY COMMISSIONERS: Tony signed a letter stating Acton Selectmen support establishing a County Charter Commission but have questions about how municipalities will be involved and ask to be kept informed.

9. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Tony will not be in the office on Friday, December 18.

Dennis met with the School Superintendent this week to discuss the budget.

Larissa announced there will be free Yoga classed in January.

ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at .

MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

OTHERS PRESENT: Brian Cochrane, Roger Roy, Carol Long, Patti Dutil, Jack Kelly, John Moore, Ed Walsh, Karl Hodgdon, Peter Smith, Holly & Scott Mooney, David Winchell, Frank Verock, Bill Maloney, Wesley Ham, Ethan Current, Andrew Cogliandro, Mike Conway, Joe Ruma,  Lorraine Yeaton