Upcoming Agenda



February 11, 2010



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the addition of New Business 5. Demo Disposal Permit and 6. Warrant and Finance Proxy vote.


2.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.   WARRANT: Approved and signed.




a. Cable Committee Report: Larissa reported they are still in need of volunteers to film events, especially the school committee meetings.


b. Road Committee Report: Karl noted that some states are making ordinances prohibiting the spreading of fertilizer in the Shoreland Districts. He feels Acton should give some thought to this.




1. POLICY FOR PAYMENTS ON FORECLOSURE PROPERTY: Dennis made a motion to sign the policy. Larissa said she objects to the statement that the Town will not enter into an installment sale contract. The State allows this and she feels the Town should, if necessary. The vote was 2 yes and 1 no, with Larissa voting in opposition. The policy was signed.


2. SIGN POLE PERMITS: On a motion by Dennis, a pole permit for Peck Road was signed.


3. APPOINT PLANNING BOARD ALTERNATE: On a motion by Dennis, Arthur Kelly was appointed. Larissa noted she has no objection to Mr. Kelly but asked that the records note that the Planning Board had voted 3 to 2 for the appointment of Larry Julius.


4. BURT ROGERS RE: GENERATOR: Burt asked what the status of the installation of the generator at the school is. John Moore reported they are waiting for a part, an automatic transfer, to make it run.


5. A Demolition Debris Disposal Permit policy was discussed with the effective date extended to June 1, 2010.


6. Tony reported that MMA has advised that a proxy vote by a Warrant and Finance Committee member may be allowed as long as a conference call is made by the member stating his vote in the presence of the public.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larissa announced a benefit dinner and dance is being held Friday at the AMVETS in Sanford, for Sue Sansevieri, who needs brain surgery. Also a workshop to garner ideas for Senior Citizen activities will be held on Tuesday at .


Dennis said the Warrant and Finance Committee has met and established a time line for budget meetings. He noted that the Municipal budget is level funded but the school is coming in with a 6.2% increase, mainly due to cuts in State funding and Medicaid reimbursement. Larissa suggested that people complain to their legislators because the tax burden is being shifted to property taxes. Dennis noted the cash flow is tight and Selectmen do not want to have to borrow in anticipation of taxes. They are putting a freeze on all non-essential bills payment until the April taxes come in.


7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett


9. OTHERS PRESENT Andrew Cogliandro, Brian Cochrane, Pam McAlinden, Patti Dutil, John Moore, Paul Poyant, Karl Hodgdon, Davis Winchell Jar,. Roger Roy, Burt Rogers, Holly and Scott Mooney, Chip Venell, Lorraine Yeaton: