Upcoming Agenda



February 25, 2010


Opened the meeting at  with a Salute to the American Flag.

1.                  APPROVAL OF THE AGENDA:  Dennis motioned and Tony seconded, approved as written.

2.                  APPROVAL OF MINUTES FROM LAST BOS MEETING:  Held off as Larissa was not in attendance.

3.                  WARRANT:  Approved and signed.

4.                  OLD BUSINESS:

a.      Cable Committee Update:  Residents are concerned that the scroll on Ch. 26 says Peg Channel.  Scott Dunham to speak with Metrocast to ask that it be changed to APAT.

b.      Road Committee Update:  David Winchell could not make the meeting due to the storm. Karl said that there is brown water rushing from Hussey Hill down across Hopper Road

c.       Generator Update:  Bert Rogers suggested BOS request a maintenance plan report from Electrician

d.      Warrant and Finance Committee Update on School Board Meetings:  Dennis announced the time changed to Wednesday, March 3rd

5.                  NEW BUSINESS:

1)      Tree Growth Re-Certification for Kenneth and Lisa Dias:  The Dias’ have 93 acres in Tree Growth and have had it re-certified by Stephan Bodkin.  Approved and signed.

2)      Old Wood Sign: Letter requesting to remove old sign near new DASCO sign.  Dennis said he just wanted it brought up at a BOS meeting as we have had many inquiries about removing the old sign but leaving the one down by the intersection of Route 109 and Sam Page Road

3)      Dog Summons: On a motion by Tony, second by Dennis to summons all unlicensed dog owners as of March 1st, 2010.  Effective January 2010, the State Legislature has done away with the $25.00 late fee in a revised animal welfare bill, therefore the only repercussion of unlicensed dogs for the Town to issue a summons.  Dog license were due by December 31st, 2010, with a grace period with no additional fees until January 31st, 2010.  A $15.00 late fee from January 31st until February 28th and after March 1st a Court Summons will be issued.

4)      Three pieces of land which are identified as “owner unknown” and “tax acquired” that the Town now owns and will be put up for sale.  The Hawk Road property (137-010) is approximately .26 of an acre and the Middle Road property (148-045) is about .9 of an acre.  The third property is on 13th Street (143-020) and is .9 of an acre.  All abutters have been notified and properties will go out for sealed bid. 

5)      Notification of mileage mistake of the 1984 pickup truck: The mileage is estimated at 140,000 and beyond mechanical limits. The 1984 pickup truck is back out for bid.  Bids must be received by Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010 and will be opened at the Thursdays’ BOS meeting.   

6)      Open sealed bids for 1988 GMC Top Kick 7000 Pumper: Bids received were:

Apache Campground                      $4500.00

Apple Valley Campground             $2025.00

Lucky Day Auto, LLC                      $501.00

Howard Rogers                               $2459.62

Scott Rioux                                      $2525.00

Christopher Newcomb                    $1729.39

CIA Salvage                                      $650.00

Bean Farm                                       $2500.00

David Cowan                                   $1602.00

Romeo Fortin                                  $1839.00

Bruen Construction                         $6161.00

Rick Wallace                    200 lbs of Lobster

                                          1 Bushel of Clams

                                            5 lbs of crabmeat 

  (Mr. Wallace thought it might be nice for a summer firemen’s festival)

                     The bid was awarded to Bruen Construction.

7)      ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Tony announced that Town Meeting is schedule for Saturday, June 12th, 2010.  The Town Report is scheduled for shipment March 8th or 9th.  Tony has offered to pickup the reports in lieu of shipping.  Larissa asked to announce that her senior luncheon has been postponed to Friday, March 5th at noontime.


9)      MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long

10)  OTHERS PRESENT:   Linda Capristo, Bill Gannon, Jack Kelly, Jack Kelly, Dean Knight, Deb Lopez, Pam McAlinden, John Moore, Ed Walsh