Upcoming Agenda


March 18, 2010 




1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.


2.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.   WARRANT: Approved and signed.




a. Cable Committee Report:  None




1. CONTRACT WITH CARTOGRAPHIC: On a motion by Dennis the map maintenance contracts were signed.


2. SIGN SCHOOL BUDGET WARRANT:  On a motion by Dennis the School Budget Warrant was signed.


3. RENEWAL OF POLICIES: Policies for Private Use of Town Sand, Displaying and Use of Auxiliary Lights, Appointments and Reappointments, and Employee Use of Computers and Internet, which had been adopted previously but lacked Selectmen signatures, were readopted and signed on a motion by Dennis.


4. RESIGNATION DEPUTY EMA AND APPOINTMENT OF NEW: Peter Smith’s resignation was accepted with regret and Lorraine was asked to send Peter a written letter of thanks for his services rendered to the town as Deputy EMA. On a motion by Dennis, William Catanesye was appointed as Deputy Emergency Management Director.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Gail Boisvert announced that she will be at the Fitness Center on Monday from to to enroll members. Membership fee is $50 for an individual and $100 for a family. Jennifer Roux will issue keys and record password codes. Dennis said Selectmen had hoped to have enough balance in the maintenance account to put exterior siding on at least half of the building but they do not – estimated cost is $7,500. He asked if the committee will consider helping out.


Larissa announced the Senior Luncheon on Wednesday and Dennis announced that the workfare program for General Assistance has been reinstated.


7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Brian Cochrane, Andrew Cogliandro, Doris Nevison, Jack Kelly, Rey and Delores Lopez, Paul Poyant, Roger Roy, Bill Gannon, John Moore,, Al and Linda Peterson, Bob Anderson, Judie Shain, Ted Kryzak, Betty Mann, Joe Ruma, Karl Hodgdon, Petey Smith, Ed Walsh, Gail Boisvert, Linda Heon, Lorraine Yeaton.