Upcoming Agenda





April 1, 2010




1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved with the replacement of David Winchell under New Business in place of Debbi and Mark Rix.

2.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.   WARRANT: Approved and signed.


a. Cable Committee Report: Carol reported that the problem with the audio cutting out was found to be on the Metrocast end not ours and has been repaired. Carol asked that those having events that they wish to have filmed to please contact her early so that she can get it scheduled.


1. TAX RATE PROJECTIONS by CHERI: Treasurer Cheri Smith did a power point presentation on how a tax rate is established.

2. ARTICLE FOR SQ. POND REIMBURSEMENT: On a motion by Dennis it was voted that the Selectmen include an article in the warrant to appropriate $1,150 for repair of the Square Pond Dam, as requested by the Square Pond Improvement Association.

3. CONSERVATION COMMITTEE – The Warrant and Finance Committee had questioned the inclusion of the responsibility for cemeteries, and the flags and repair of veteran’s graves in the Conservation Committee’s budget. Tony read the duties of the Conservation Committee from the ordinance establishing the committee and it is not included. In the past, the 4-H clubs have always put the flags out as part of their community project and the responsibility for the veteran’s flags, holders and stone repair is mandated by the State. Selectmen will put a separate article in the warrant requesting money for flags, holders, repair and memorials for the veteran’s graves. Larissa suggested that the Conservation Committee ordinance be studied and rewritten to include other duties. Dennis suggested a Veteran’s Committee to handle decorating veteran’s graves might be more appropriate.

4. TREE GROWTH APPLICATIONS: Applications for Larry Doyle, Richard Stacey and Richard Sewell were signed.

5. DAVID WINCHELL: David noted there were road washouts as the result of the storms. Cheri, Lorraine, Ed Walsh and the Road Commissioners will be attending the FEMA meeting on Friday, April 2.

6. WATER PROBLEMS AT TOWN HALL: Dennis reported hat we lost the water at the Town Hall on Saturday.  A pipe fitting in front of the Town Hall was broken. This  fitting was replaced however when the water was turned back on, the water pump, which had been working overtime to deal with the leak, gave out. A new pump was installed but so much sand had filtered in that the tank also had to be replaced. Hopefully we are good for another 30 years. Alan Goodrich did the plumbing and David Winchell did the excavating. Estimated cost is $2,000.

Jim Driscoll commended the School Superintendent and the School Committee for all the time and work they put into preparing the budget. He also commended the 4-H members who put out the flags and Larissa Crockett, for her hard work and her follow through with projects. He noted that he feels more respect should be given to persons addressing the Selectmen’s meetings. He said he had seen both Tom Cashin and John Moore yelled at and gaveled down. Tony stated that the Selectmen have never yelled at anyone.

David Cote said he witnessed an argument in front of the Town Hall with the use foul language while people were passing by going to church on Palm Sunday. Tony told David that they were not going to discuss named individuals at a public meeting.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Public Hearing for Liquor License April 15,

                                            Maine Emergency Management Meeting

7. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at .

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Andrew Cogliandro, Ethan Current, Paul Poyant, Bob Anderson, Carol Long, Bill Lotz, Judie Shain, Andy Brazier, Debbie Otis,  Sylvia Emery, Rick Kaye-Schiess, Nancy Ruma, Alton Hadley, Dick Neal, Jim Driscoll, David Cote, David Winchell Jr., Mary Stanton, Gail Boisvert, Linda Heon, Sheila and Darren Leonard, Tracy Scully, Elise Miller, Tom Cashin, Patti Dutil, Ted Kryzak, Bill Gannon, Scott and Holly Mooney, Debbi and Mark Rix, Roger Roy, Karl Hodgdon, John Moore, Bill Maloney, Bruce Martin, Cheri Smith, Lorraine Yeaton.