Upcoming Agenda



April 15, 2010



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved with the deletion of item 2 of New Business.

2.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.   WARRANT: Signed

4.  OLD BUSINESS; a. Cable Committee Report: Carol Long reported videos of Selectmen’s Meetings have been uploaded to web site. Also the audio has been improved.


1. LIQUOR LICENSE HEARING: The hearing was opened and Tony noted that the application was from John Cudworth for Big Daddy’s BBQ and Clamshack.  Cudworth stated he wants to serve the people of this town and asks that they give him a chance to show that things will be changed from what they were.  He is a separate entity from Mr. Hannon. and not a front for Hannan. He has leased the restaurant, lounge and parking lot only. He has all his licensing and certification. The State has inspected him twice. He will be employing 3 trained persons behind the bar. There will be someone at the door to check ID and alcohol overuse. He will have control of the signs and there will definitely not be anymore bad postings. If he leaves, the license goes with him. The hearing was opened to the public and several persons questioned Mr. Cudworth. Tony closed the hearing at and said they will need to get the CEO to do inspections, and then they would call Cudworth back in for their decision. Larissa said the decision has to be rendered by May 13, 2010.


3. PAT MAIN – landscaping: Mr Main came to the podium and stated that since he has received offers of free material, the only costs that he can estimate at this time is $225 for seed. He is also donating his time. 4. DISCUSS PROPETY TAX DEFERRAL: Larissa explained legislation LD 1121 which allows low income senior citizens the opportunity to defer their taxes and interest charges until after they pass away or someone else owns the property. The heirs or new owner would be responsible for the debt. Information will be posted on the web site. On a motion by Larissa, an article will be placed on the warrant, to see if the Town wishes to adopt this policy. 6.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Warrant and Finance Committee meets on Tuesday at at the Town Hall to hear budget requests from Transfer Station and Municipal Finance.

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett 9. OTHERS PRESENT: John and Marianne Cudworth, Steve Waterhouse, Louie Waterhouse, Bill and Sandy Shields, Irene Kerrigan, Richard Ham, Robin Ham, Bob Anderson, Sam Gagnon, Ethan Current, Debbie and Dan Williams, Joyce and David Winchell, Kate and Bill Todd, John Moore. Dean Knight, Elaine and Peter Beck, Jack Kelly,  Paul Poyant, Bill Gannon, Patricia Reeves, Linda Heon, Jerry Starbird, Ted Kryzak, Judie Shain, Andy Brazier, Alan and Linda Peterson, Rey and Delores Lopez, David Winchell Jr., Tracey Scully, Dave LeClair, Lori Williams, David Cote, Carol Long, Flo and James Sera, Dick Neal, Andrew Cogliandro, Lorraine Yeaton