Upcoming Agenda



January 21, 2010



1. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved with correction of spelling of John Sylvester’s name.

3.   WARRANT: Approved and signed.


(a)   Cable Committee Update: Carol reported the Christmas music has been taken off and new music replaced. (Lorraine noted that the new music provides a very good background.)Brian has done an excellent film on the local lakes. Mike Conway has volunteered to do the fire department filming. Tony asked about archiving films and Carol said they are working on it.


1. NAMING APAT STUDIO DIRECTOR: Tony announced that the Selectmen had seven applicants and interviewed three of them. Scott Dunham had the best qualifications, so he has been hired.

2. PUT OLD FIRE TRUCKS OUT TO BID: On a motion by Dennis, Selectmen will put the two trucks that have been replaced out to bid or will list them on govdeals.com.

3. CREDIT CARDS: Dennis reported we cannot accept credit cards until next Tuesday due to a gap in negotiations.

4. ACTON AMBULANCE: Mike Conway addressed the meeting stating he is the new President of the Acton Ambulance Association. Other new officers are Vice President Steve Casey, Secretary Debbie Casey, and Treasurer Cheri Smith.  Jane Holtby was re-elected as member and Peter Holtby is still in place. There are currently 3 vacancies to be filled. Fire Chief Ed Walsh is taking the place of Assistant Rescue Chief John Moulton. They are planning many new changes and hope to make the Ambulance Association the best it has ever been. They would like to put the discussion about plans for a merger between the rescue and fire department on hold.  They have discussed plans to put the ambulance back in the fire station. Dennis noted they need to get the liability clarified. They have discussed creating a patch stating Fire Department/Rescue. Karl Hodgdon asked that they check on the liability for putting an independent entity name on the fire trucks. They have received donations of $13,560 to complete the interior of the Ambulance Building which they plan to use mostly as a training center. They plan to donate $5,000 to the Fire Department.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Larissa reported the Maine Home Performance Program offers incentives for home energy efficiency improvements. Through June 30, audits by Building Analyst, Envelope Professional, MSH certified and Resnet certified contractors will be valid. After June 30, contractors must be Building Performance Institute certified. Contractors should contact Efficiency Maine to find out how to become certified. These incentives can result in savings up to $1,500.

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at .

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Mike Conway, Brian Cochrane, Andrew Cogliandro, Ethan Current, Karl Hodgdon, Bob and Debbie Anderson, Burt Rogers, Yoli Gallagher, Roger Roy, John Moore, Lorraine Yeaton