Upcoming Agenda



May 13, 2010



1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.

3.   WARRANT: Signed



1. EXCEL SHEETS: Larissa said she went into a staff member’s office yesterday and found her typing school employees salaries from a very poor copy. She asked why she didn’t call the school for a better copy and she said Dennis had told her not to.  Dennis said he had asked her to type the paper because Lorraine was busy working on FEMA reports. Dennis had called Carlene at the school for a better copy and she said she could not increase the font size. The Warrant and Finance Committee had requested the information to refute the School Committee’s figures published in the paper. Larissa was concerned because the staff member appeared to be under the impression that she was not to tell anyone what she was doing.

2. LIQUOR LICENSE: Larissa noted that she was concerned with the fact that Mr. Cudworth has an Operating Under the Influence conviction against him. She does not feel that he should be selling liquor. Tony stated he feels the same. On a motion by Larissa, it was unanimously voted to deny the Liquor License.

3. RECALL PETITION: Tony turned the gavel over to Dennis. Larissa made a motion that the recall election by referendum be set for June 29, 2010. It was so voted with Tony abstaining from voting. Tony denied any wrong doing and opened the floor for public discussion. Several people spoke, both pro and con, on several different issues.

4. RON SMITH: Ron Smith said he felt he had picked a bad night to discuss the audit so he will set a different date.

5. PAM MCALINDEN: Pam addressed the audience with her opinion of what is wrong with the Town.

Percy Lowell requested a copy of all Town employee’s salaries and benefits in the same format as the school. Lowell was asked to fill out a Freedom of Information request.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Memorial Day Hours at Transfer Station. Steve Ledoux had left the meeting so the announcement was postponed. Marian Elliott announced there will be a Candidates Night on May 24 at at the Town hall. Larissa said Mr. Kaye-Scheiss expressed his appreciation for the support received for the field trip which allowed them to hire two Pullman buses. Tony announced Brandy Senecal and Carol Long were presented with Girl Scout Appreciation Pins at a meeting in Lewiston. The pin is a prestigious award that recognizes outstanding service that goes above and beyond positions expectations.

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long Larissa Crockett. 


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Virginia Grover, John Moore, Dean Knight, Percy Lowell, Jim Crowley, Norman and Linda Lambert, Peter and Elaine beck, Rey and Delores Lopez, Jack Kelly  Bill Gannon, Karl and Pat Hodgdon, Joyce and David Winchell, David Winchell Jr., Jim Driscoll, Andy Brazier, Judie Shain, Carol Long, Patti Dutil, Nancy and Joe Ruma, Ted Kryzak, Virginia Deboer, Tracey Scully, David Cote, Dick Weymouth, Roger Roy, Pam McAlinden, Dick Neal, Al Peterson, Bill Lotz, Barbara Seckar, Marian Elliott, Flo Sera, Lois Michaud, Jennifer Roux, Ethan Current, John Cudworth, Bill Shields, Holly Mooney, Tony and Peg Anthony, Rachel Belanger, Bob Cronin, Bob Anderson, Marie Cashin, Lorraine Yeaton