Upcoming Agenda



May 27, 2010  



2.   APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written. Minutes of May 20 approved as amended.

3.   WARRANT: Signed.



1. SCHOOL COMMITTEE CABLE REQUEST: The School Committee sent a request to have their upcoming Public Forum on June 2, published on the web site and the APAT. Dennis said he did not remember any discussion of this at the last meeting and asked when this was voted. Judie Shain said it was done at the end of town voting meeting. On a motion by Larissa it was voted to air the information.

2. APPROVE NEW FORM FOR REQUEST FOR INFORMATION: On a motion by Dennis the form was approved and will be included with the policy.

3. SMRPC ANNUAL MEETING WED., JUNE 9-How many going? Larissa and Lorraine  will be attending 

4. SIGN REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR REVALUATION: On a motion by Dennis the letter was signed.

5. UNKNOWN PROPERTY: Dennis noted there are still three parcels of land that the Town now owns. One on Middle Road, one on Hawk Road and one on 13 th Street. On a motion by Dennis, they will be put up for sale to the highest bidder.  

6. TAX DEFERRAL PROGRAM: Larissa explained that on April 16 the selectmen voted to  put the newly created  Tax deferral program on the warrant for the Town to vote on. Since that date they have received communications from MMA that they don’t advocate for it. It means a decreased tax flow and increased precise book keeping. Failure to comply with these requirements could jeopardize the Town’s ability to actually collect deferred taxes.


Barbara Seckar questioned why she had been denied access to APAT for a public notice of the Candidates  Night. Tony said they were not made aware at that time, that the political party chairs were going to moderate the meeting. Carol Long reported that there was no form filled out requesting the information be on TV.


Nancy Ruma reported on a Freedom of Speech article in the newspaper and said she would bring copies in to the selectmen.


Nancy also asked why Winchell’s winter maintenance was so much higher than Mooney’s. David said he had more and larger equipment and also he had sub-contracted some of the work.  A lengthy and some what heated discussion ensued.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Pat Main thanked Judie Shain, Pat Stevens and Scott Mooney for their contributions for the Town Hall landscaping project.  Tony announced Jennifer Roux needs a Green Party member to count ballots. Dennis thanked Chip Venell and Tom Gore for the fine job of moderating at Candidate’s Night. Larissa announced a plant swap at the Mary Grant Preserve on Saturday and the Memorial Day Observance on Sunday at the Veteran’s Monuments at .

7. ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at

8. MEMBERS PRESENT:  Tony Cogliandro, Dennis Long, Larissa Crockett

9. OTHERS PRESENT:  Brian Cochrane, Andrew Cogliandro, Carol Long, Patti Dutil, Joyce and David Winchell, Delores Lopez, John Moore, Barbara Seckar, Marian Elliott, Ted Kryzak, Jim and Flo Sera, Dick Neal, Judie Shain, Pat Main, Chip Venell, Ethan Current, David Winchell Jr., Paul Poyant, Scott Mooney, Nancy Ruma, Holly Mooney, Tracy Scully, Pam McAlinden, Cheri Smith, AL Peterson, Bill Gannon, Lorraine Yeaton