Upcoming Agenda






1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.


3.  WARRANT: The warrant was signed with the payment for YCC withheld until next week. Bill Gannon has agreed to check with Bill Sherman to see about deferral.




1. HEBO-HYBO ROAD: Debbie Rix addressed the Selectmen relative to the Hebo-Hybo ( New Road) closing in 1937. She has property which she would like to sell but no mortgage will be issued because it is a discontinued road. She asked if the selectmen would consider opening the road again. Larissa said they had contacted MMA relative to this and they advised that Selectmen take no action because it was closed legally and it is not in the Town’s best interest to reopen it.


2. BUDGET FREEZE: Ted announced that because of a low cash flow, all discretionary purchasing is frozen.


3. DRUG TESTING: Selectmen contacted the drug testing company and found that no one has been tested since November. That is because we are in a pool with Shapleigh and no Acton names were drawn. Selectmen have now added the Transfer Station employees and the Fire Dept to our list .


4. INTERVIEWS FOR REVAL: At this time, three companies have been selected to be interviewed tomorrow morning.

5. STAFF MEETING FRIDAY : All office personnel are asked to attend.

6. APPOINTMENTS: On a motion by Ted, Robert Anderson was appointed as Constable and Ethan Current and Dan Archambault were appointed to the Mary Grant Nature Preserve Committee.

7. DENNIS LONG REQUEST: Dennis reported he had heard rumors that the office believes he has taken files. Ted explained that the drug files are missing and the letters sent to him and Tony were advised by MMA just to make sure no one had taken the files home. No one is accusing them of stealing files.  Dennis also said rumors were that he had his valuation “fixed” but the truth of the matter is it had been wrongly assessed and was simply corrected. Ted said that he had discussed this with the assessor and it was perfectly legitimate.

8. MMA BALLOT: On a motion by Ted it was voted to vote on the 3 directors recommended by MMA.

9. POLE PERMIT: On a motion by Ted a pole permit for Old Logging Road( Lebanon Road) was signed

10. OTHER BUSINESS: Richard Michaud asked for the Selectmen to consider a one time single audit. Ted said there will be an audit done between the changing of treasurers.

Mike Mowrey asked that publicity ads also aired on channel 12 as well as 26. He also stated that he did not feel office personnel should be working in the building late at nights or early am. Both Carol and Cheri said they have needed to come in late nights because of child care constraints.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Barbara Seckar announced there will be a Candidates Night on August  3, at the Town Hall and a Picnic in the Park at the Mary Grant Nature Preserve on August 7 at Bring your own lawn chair. Food will be on sale or bring your own. Games, music, dancing, etc. can be enjoyed.

Larissa reported the OWLS will hold a bottle drive at the Transfer Station on Saturday. The Fire Department will be sponsoring a motorcycle ride for Tots for Tots on July 24.

Acton Fair is August 25-29 and Larissa encourages local people to exhibit their handwork, cooking, flowers, vegetables, etc.

Loon Pond Association meets July 24, at the Town Hall. Mousam Lake Association meets the same date at the Fairgrounds.

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at .

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Mary Stanton, Delores and Rey Lopez, John Moore, Karl Hodgdon, Dennis Long, Mark and Debbi Rix, Peter and Elaine Beck, Dick Neal, Paul Poyant, Barbara Seckar, Ed Walsh, Bill Gannon, Brian Cochrane, Andy Brazier, Cheri Smith Ethan Current, Pamela Geary, Richard and Lois Michaud, Holly Mooney, Mike Mowrey, Judie Shain, Joe and Nancy Ruma, Art Kelly, Carol Long, David Cote, Lorraine Yeaton