Upcoming Agenda






July 8, 2010




1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.



3.  WARRANT: Signed.


4.  OLD BUSINESS: Letters are being sent to Andrew Cogliandro thanking him for services rendered as “Camera Man” and to Scott and Mary Stanton for the donation of the sign.



1. RESIGNATION OF TREASURER/ACCEPTANCE OF RESUMES: On a motion by Ted, Cheri Smith’s resignation as Treasurer was accepted with regret. Resumes are being accepted until July 19.


2. PERSONNEL FILE POLICY: Ted read aloud the policy that is being proposed. Personnel files will be maintained by the Treasurer. Access to the files by the Select Board will be only after an executive session, agreeing to do so. On a motion by Ted, the policy was voted to be signed.


3. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Ted read aloud the following schedule for holidays: July 3, closed; September 4, closed; November 25, 26, 27, closed; December 24, and 25, closed; December 31, close at and January 1, closed. Because the Town’s policy calls for 6 paid holidays, it is proposed to pay for the Friday after Thanksgiving.  The 5 Saturday closings are for 3 hr. days, the Thursday holiday is a 4 hr. day and the early closing on December 31 is a 4 hr. day. On a motion by Ted, the holiday schedule was adopted.


4. BOS INHOUSE HOURS: Larissa announced that the Selectmen will be in the office on Tuesdays from to and Thursdays, .


5. MEETINGS WITH DEPARTMENTS, BOARDS AND COMMITTEES: All boards are welcome to come in any week to discuss their concerns.


6. SIGN QUIT CLAIM DEED: On a motion by Ted  a Quit Claim Deed for the Map 137 lot 10,  Hawk Roadproperty sold to Randy and Dawn Jacques as the highest bidder was signed.


7. SIGN TOWN MEETING WARRANT: On a motion by Ted the warrant was signed.


8. PUT MAP 143 LOT/020/FORCLOSED PROPERTY UP FOR BID AGAIN: Selectmen asked Lorraine to run an ad for the 13th St.Town owned property to be sold to the highest bidder.


8. OTHER BUSINESS: On a motion by Ted it was agreed to carry over two weeks vacation time for Jennifer.


John Moore asked for the Comp Plan Committee to be 1st on the July 22 agenda.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Invitation for Selectmen to attend Great East Lake Improvement Association Annual Meeting July 10, 2010 at 10am at Week’s Park. Larissa will be attending Wilson Lake Association meeting that date and Ted and Lorraine will attend GELIA meeting.


Ted announced that there will be only 2 meetings in August because of scheduled vacations.


Ted announced that they are looking for volunteers to form a policy committee to review all existoing policies and create new ones if necessary.


7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Brian Cochrane, Flo Sera, Paul Poyant, John Moore, Doris Nevison,  Marian Elliott, Barbara Seckar, Bill Gannon, Ed Walsh, Bob Anderson. Mary Stanton, Leland Hague, Chip Venell, Rob Meyers, Carol Long, Roy Trafton, Andy Brazier, Dick Neal, Karl Hodgdon, Dennis Long, Joe Ruma, Holly Mooney, Debbie Rix,  Petey Smith, Davey Winchell, Virginia Shea, Lorraine Yeaton