Upcoming Agenda





July 29, 2010




1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.



3.  WARRANT: Signed.


4.  OLD BUSINESS: ASYCC DONATION: Because the school had an unexpected surplus of $80,000 which improved the cash flow, Selectmen authorized payment of the second half of the appropriation  ($11,000) for the Acton Shapleigh Youth Conservation Corp.



1. AMBULANCE ASSOCIATION LEASE: On a motion by Ted a lease was signed allowing the ambulance to be housed in the Public Safety Building. This lease was required by MMA Property and Casualty Risk Pool, the Town’s insurer. Also received was proof of insurance indemnifying the Town of Acton.


2. SPECIAL TOWN MEETING: Larissa reported that there will be a Special Town meeting on Monday, August 9 at the Acton Elementary School at 7 pm to correct an oversight relative to Article 15 at the June 12 Town Meeting. Maine law requires that the treasurer’s financial statement accompany any warrant article that would result in the municipality incurring a general debt obligation. This was not included in the June 12 warrant. The special Town meeting is intended to correct that oversight. The Warrant and Finance Committee will meet to make their recommendation.


3. ADDENDUM: On a motion by Ted it was voted to make an addendum to the Warrant for the August 17, 2010 Special Town meeting noting the meeting will open at 8:00am, polls  will be opened  immediately  after election of the moderator and will close at 8:00pm.


4. Other Business: Dennis Long asked the status of the fund balance and the FEMA payment. Larissa said the auditor has not yet calculated the fund balance. Treasurer Cheri Smith said that the Fire Department should have been paid out of undesignated funds and the FEMA payment returned to that account.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larissa announced the need for volunteers for a Policy Advisory Committee. Anyone interested should contact the selectmen.


There will be no Selectmen’s meeting next week. Next meeting will be August 12.


There will be a picnic at the Mary Grant Nature Preserve on Aug. 7 from to .


Ted thanked Andy Brazier and the Acton Elementary School for helping clean the Town Hall office rugs and for the use of the rug cleaner.


Barbara Seckar announced Candidate’s Night will be held Aug 3 at the Town Hall.


Larissa noted that all department heads have been asked to get their reports for the Annual Town Report in by August 31, 2010.


Larissa also noted that lien notices have gone out on unpaid taxes. Anyone not wishing to see their name in the Town Report should get their taxes paid by August 20, 2010.


7. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Elaine and Peter Beck, Al Peterson, Tracy Skully, Lori Williams, Betty Mann,  Delores Lopez, John Moore, Karl Hodgdon, Ed Walsh, Marian Elliott, Dick Neal, Doris Nevison, Barbara Seckar, Holly Mooney, David Winchell Jr., Cheri Smith, Ethan Current, Nancy Ruma, Chip Venell, Virginia Shea, Dennis Long, Linda Capristo