Upcoming Agenda




AUGUST 12, 2010



1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: The agenda was approved as written but the order of presentation was rearranged.


3.  WARRANT: Signed.


5.  NEW BUSINESS: On a motion by Ted, Larissa was appointed as acting chairman for the purpose of chairing this meeting and signing the commercial bank note and other documents pertaining to the Tax Equalization note.


1. TOWN HALL CLOSING AUGUST 28: The Town Hall will be closed on Saturday, August 28 for Acton Fair. Larissa noted she hopes those present will consider exhibiting at the fair.


2. SIGN QUIT CLAIM DEED: The land on 13th Street which was sold to the highest bidder (map 143 lot 20), has been paid for and Selectmen signed a Quit Claim Deed to the buyer, Mark Evans.

3. COMP PLAN UPDATE:  Larissa noted that the Acton Zoning Ordinance 1.7 requires a Special or Regular Town Meeting for amendments to the Ordinance so the revisions originally planned to be voted on this upcoming November will not be done at that time. Selectmen may call for a Special Town Meeting at a later date. Jamie Oman-Salt Marsh made a presentation relative to shoreland /resource protection. Tom Cashin noted a typographical error brought to his attention by Bill Gannon. (Section 1.44, setback for non-conforming lots should be 10 feet, not 15 feet.)

4. O’DONNELL CONTRACT: On a motion by Ted, the O’Donnell contract was signed. John Moore asked if a performance bond had been required. Ted said he did not think that the specifications sent to the bidders had required one, but Selectmen will consider it.

5. GYM CONTRACT: On a motion by Ted, the final draft of the Acton Gym Membership contract was approved. Changes include waiving Gym fee for Fire, Rescue, Auxiliary members and their families, age lowered to 14 to allow Jr. Firefighters to attend and ½ fees for Senior Citizens.

6. BANK CONTRACT: On a motion by Ted, the Commercial Bank note and all relative documents were signed for the Tax Equalization to be done.

7. PERSONNEL POLICY CHANGE AND IMPLEMENTATION: On a motion by Ted, Article VI, section C of the Acton Personnel Policy was amended to include: Overtime must be approved prior to being worked, by the immediate supervisor or department head, and Article XVIII was amended to include the words department head in both paragraphs.

8. 13TH STREET:  Larissa read a memo from MMA stating the Selectmen could not legally vote to give winter maintenance to 13th Street. Larissa has since received a copy of a public easement given to the Town by Albert Lavelly for the purpose of maintaining 13th Street. She has sent a copy of the easement and asked MMA if this will give the Town the right to maintain 13th Street on their way to maintaining Cove wood Drive, which is a Town Owned Road.  

 9. OTHER BUSINESS: Selectman voted to sign a document to Aetna requesting they allow access to information and quotes to Kennebunk Savings Insurance, regarding our group insurance.

Dennis Long noted that he was again, asking for the fund balance. Larissa said the auditor still has not given them a figure. She expects it to be available in a few days. Dennis also asked about the list of roads to be voted on that were postponed at the June Town meeting. Larissa said these will require separate articles for each road and public hearings. Dennis asked why Buzzell Road is not to be plowed this year. Larissa stated the action by previous Selectmen to plow was not legal. Scott Dunham said the fact that the Town built that section of Buzzell Road and paved it proves it is a Town Way. Larissa said she will present this to MMA for their opinion.    

Barbara Seckar asked why we are not going live on TV with the Selectmen’s Meetings. There is very little or no interest in month old meetings being shown. Selectmen replied that Scott Dunham said we have the capability to go live now, but does not advise the selectmen to do so until they investigate the liability. Karl complained that a Road Commissioner had unloaded an excavator on the lower end of Buzzell Road and chewed up the road. Larissa said if he was there as a private contractor, he was not under their Selectmen’s jurisdiction.


There will be no Selectmen’s meeting next week. Next meeting will be August 26

Last call for policy committee members. Committee will be appointed next week.

Tax Rate to be set on August 31 and Commitment signed Sept. 2

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at .

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Jack Kelly, Karl Hodgdon, John Moore, Marian Elliott,  Barbara Seckar, Russ and Donna Davidson, Rick Clayton, Sharon and Jim Murray, Dick Snowden, Mary and Bill Gannon, Bob Anderson, Flo Sera, Brian Cochrane, Dennis Long, Scott and Terese-Ann Dunham, David Winchell Jr., Larry and Helen Valliere, Tom Cashin, Nancy Ruma, Ethan Current, Jennifer Roux, Ken Paul, Betty Mann, Sandi and Bill Shields, Jamie Oman-Salt Marsh, Lorraine Yeaton