Upcoming Agenda



AUGUST 26, 2010



1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written with the notation that because of a meeting scheduled just before this meeting, the Selectmen have not yet examined the warrant, therefore they will read and sign it tomorrow am.


3.  WARRANT: To be signed Friday am.



1. AUTHORIZATION TO DESTROY CHECKS: In the process of shredding old records, three checks, (two for tax interest/balances, one for boat excise) were discovered, however all taxes for those accounts were recorded as paid. Amounts of checks are $13.00, 15.46, and 10.47, dated 2004 and 2006. On a motion by Bill, the Town Clerk was told to destroy the checks.  

2. SIGN INSURANCE ENDORSEMENT FOR EXCLUSION OF SALT SHED: Because of needed repairs, our insurance will not cover cost of replacing the salt shed. On a motion by Bill, the exclusion was signed.

3. TOWN CLERK/TAX COLLECTOR’S OFFICE TO BE CLOSED SEPT.14: Town Clerk and Deputy will be attending mandated training classes.

4. APPOINT POLICY COMMITTEE: Selectmen named the following to be appointed: Barbara Seckar, Marian Elliott, Elaine Beck, Virginia Shea, Debbie Casey and Steve Casey. Appointments will be signed next week.

5. OTHER BUSINESS: Karl Hodgdon said the Road Committee was requesting that the winter sand be put out to bid. They would also like to have cutting edges inventoried and to know  if last year’s sand contract had been fulfilled. Larissa said he should contact the Road Commissioners. Karl also questioned the legality of the zoning changes voted by referendum.

Dennis asked for the fund balance. Larissa said the auditor had furnished the figure of $604,323, subject to change because the school audit is not complete. Dennis also discussed the Buzzell Road.


6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Larissa announced that the Selectmen did not require a performance bond from the Revaluation Company since the attorney did not feel it was necessary.

APAT will be filming at the Acton Fair  and our Code Officer has an information booth. Several local people are exhibiting.

Metrocast has fixed our cable problem.

District 2 has posted Sam Page Road, Hopper Road and Sanborn Road with 60,000 weight limits. Jack Kelly asked Selectmen to make sure York County Sheriff Dept. and Maine State Police are notified. Dick Neal objects to the posting. He feels heavy loads will opt to use Milton Mills Road, which has recently been resurfaced.

John Moore said there is a gravel pit without permits creating a dangerous entrance on Lakeside Drive off the H Road.


Elaine Beck asked if a different tax rate was established for gravel operations. Larissa said there is only one tax rate for everyone but different tax assessment for gravel pits. Elaine also noted the Town needs to be diligent in the control of the Emery Mills Dam. Sanford recently drew the level down which was not good for the people on Mousam Lake.

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at

8 MEMBERS PRESENT: Melissa Crockett, Bill Shields

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Flo and Jim Sera, Brian Cochrane, Doris Nevison, Peter and Elaine Beck, Jack Kelly, Marian Elliott, Paul Poyant, Sandi Shields, Dick Neal. John Moore, Nancy  Ruma, Karl Hodgdon, Chip Venell, Dennis Long, Rey and Delores Lopez, Carol Long, Barbara Seckar, Lorraine Yeaton