Upcoming Agenda



November 18, 2010



1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.




(1) PUBLIC HEARING FOR ROAD POSTING ORDINANCE: Larissa opened the hearing stating this was an MMA model with some modifications by the selectmen. They feel the ordinance is necessary to protect our town ways from being destroyed by heavy load thru traffic. Rey Lopez asked who will enforce it and Larissa said either State Police or York County Sheriff. Dennis Long asked if it did not have to be voted on by the Town Meeting. Larissa said it did not because it is an Executive Ordinance. Selectmen noted that this hearing was to get input regarding the ordinance. It will be voted on by Selectmen at a later date. Following further discussion of the ordinance and of the roads involved, on a motion by Ted, the hearing was closed.


(2) COMP PLAN PRESENTATION: CEO Ken Paul did a presentation of mapping developed using Maps on Line showing development and the few undeveloped areas in the shoreland zone. Larissa noted that Maps on Line can be accessed on home computers through the Town’s web site. Ken will plan to make updated presentations in January or February.

(3) POLICY FOR EMERGENCY ONE SIGNER FOR PAYROLL AND BENEFIT ONLY: On a motion by Ted, a policy allowing one Selectman to sign payroll and benefits only, in case  of an emergency with others not available.

(4) SIGN AUTHORIZATION FOR FEDERAL SURPLUS PROPERTY: On a motion by Ted, authorization to be allowed to purchase State and Federal surplus was signed.

(5) BANK BOND: Ted announced that either the Selectmen or the Treasurer will be signing for Bank Bonds in the amount of 3.5 million dollars to protect our investment money in the bank.

(6) SIGN LEXIS NEXIS FEE SCHEDULE: On a motion by Ted, amended terms and conditions for use of the drug testing services was signed.  

(5) OTHER BUSINESS: Rey asked about the cell towers. The one on Kelly’s land is up and running. The one near Old Acton Airfield has their permit but have not erected a tower.

Karl asked about the letter from DEP regarding the pit at the school being in violation. Larissa said that Ken Paul and the Road Commissioners have taken care of this. It is not in violation.  

Scott Dunham asked about the reply from MMA relative to Buzzell Road. Larissa said they advised that the decision to accept it as a town way needs to go to Town Meeting.

Dennis asked about the Selectmen’s decision to hire someone to replace Carol without advertising the position. There are people within the community that are capable of doing that job. Ted read from a MMA email stating there is no requirement to advertise unless the Town has an ordinance requiring it. They hired an internal candidate who was already a Town of Acton employee. Ted thanked Carol Long for all the work she has done for the cable TV presentations.


Selectmen’s next meeting will be December 9. Selectmen will extend their workshop time on the 1st Tuesday of the month from to Selectmen are in their office on Tuesdays and Thursdays from to

The Town Hall will be closed on December 24 ,25, 31, and  1/1/11

The rail on the walkway needs to be welded. Selectmen are looking for a welder with a portable machine.

Christmas tree lighting on December 4 at the Town Hall. Christmas Tea at the Library on December 4, 9am to .

Town Reports should be ready to distribute in December.

7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at .

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields

9. O      OTHERS PRESENT: Dennis Long, Karl Hodgdon, David Winchell Jr., Marian Elliott, Barbara Seckar, Peter and Elaine Beck, Carol Long, John Moore, Bob Anderson, Paul Poyant, Scott Mooney, Ethan Current, Rob Meyer, Roy Trafton, Art Kelly, Chip Venell, Keith Davis, Joe Ruma, Jack Kelly, Tom Cashin, Chuck Hefferon, Patti Dutil, Scott Dunham, Ken Paul, Brian Cochrane, James Kittridge, Mary and Scott Stanton, Al and Linda Peterson, Rey and Debbie Lopes, Linda Capristo, Lorraine Yeaton