Upcoming Agenda



JANUARY 13, 2011

7:00 pm



1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.





(1)  PUBLIC HEARING: ROAD POSTING ORDINANCE: Larissa opened the public hearing, noting that this was the second hearing for a policy to post town ways at weights limits that will curtail damage to the pavement. When asked if there were more roads or if a different limit (other than 60,000 as some roads will be posted) Larissa stated that Selectmen would call for a special hearing if this was to be done. On a motion by Ted, the policy was approved and signed.


(2)  RESIGNATIONS: Anna Williams s resigned as Secretary for Warrant and Finance Committee and Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee because she has accepted a new position in Wakefield.  Irvin Pillsbury has retired from his position at the Transfer Station:

 Debra Rix has resigned as member of Warrant and Finance Committee.  On a motion by Ted, all resignations were accepted with regret.


(3) SIGN CARTOGRAPHIC ASSOCIATES INC. CONTRACT: A contract for Tax map maintenance by CAI  for $2650 and a contract for GPS Data Collection for $495 plus $12.25 per building captured, were signed.


(5) OTHER BUSINESS: Barbara Seckar reported she is starting a campaign to raise money for chairs and tables for the Town Hall. She expects the chairs to cost about $25 each and would like to see people donating the cost of a chair, perhaps in memory of someone. She also would like to see a Town seal created.


Dennis Long asked to have all dates of committee meetings posted on the cable.

Dennis also noted that a portion of Buzzell Road that is a Town way that he had mentioned in discussion with Selectman Shields was plowed this time but not sanded. Selectmen said the road will be maintained and they hope to get an easement for a turnaround. In reference to more of his discussion with Shields, Dennis noted that the Roads Manual states private vehicles are not to plow Town Ways.  Dennis questioned $5,600 paid to Eastern Materials that was listed in the Town Report. Selectmen said they would check to see what the gravel was used for. He also noted the Road Commissioner reported inventorying culverts which was not true. The Road Commissioner only marked the culverts. Larissa said the Road Commissioner did turn in an inventory when she was present.


Karl Hodgdon asked if the Selectmen had gone to bid for the mapping. Larissa said there was no need to go to bid since the proposal was for less than $4,000. Also, the CEO had checked other mappers and recommended CAI.  Karl also stated that he had never seen an inventory from the Road Commissioner. The Road Committee did all the work and should have received the credit. Larissa noted that they did get the credit in Karl’s own report.

Karl stated that Selectmen need to have a public hearing to accept the lower end of Buzzell at a special town meeting as they had promised they would.


Nancy Ruma asked if any of the Road Committee’s information from the road survey had been turned in at the Town Hall and Larissa said it has not.


(6) ANNOUNCEMENTS: Staff Meeting January 21, 8am

Anyone interested in serving on Warrant and Finance Committee should submit a letter of interest within one week from today.

Ted reported there will be no meetings in the Town Hall during the week beginning January16 because the Town Hall floor is being refinished


7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at 7:40 pm

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Karl Hodgdon, Ed Walsh, Paul Poyant, Virginia Shea, Jack Kelly, Barbara Seckar, Dennis Long, Chip Venell. Nancy Ruma, Sophie Current, Michael Corey, Lorraine Yeaton