Upcoming Agenda



April 28 2011

7:00 pm



1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.


2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.         OLD BUSINESS:     None.


4.         NEW BUSINESS:


A.                Public hearing on proposed changes to recall ordinance:


Larissa reviewed the proposed changes to the Town of Acton recall ordinance specifically noting the change was in Section 9 as stated below: 


SECTION 9:  INTERIM POWERS INCUMBENT TO CONTINUE DUTIES DURING RECALL PROCESS The official whose recall is sought shall have all those powers and duties of the office until a duly elected replacement has been sworn in.  The incumbent (unless he/she has submitted a written resignation to the Selectmen) shall continue to perform the duties of the office until the results of the recall election are certified. If not recalled, the official shall continue in office for the remainder of the unexpired term. If recalled, the official shall be deemed to be removed from office upon the certification of the election results.  


Dennis Long inquired as to why the BOS would not include “reasons” for recall in the proposed changes.  Larissa explained per MMA it was not recommended for the Selectmen to include any reasons into this ordinance, Ted further explained why such reasons within this ordinance could cause a conflict for the sitting Board.  Jack Kelly asked for clarification on the amount of signatures required for such petition.  Larissa explained the language Section 3 – A.


No other public comment was heard; Ted made a motion, seconded by Bill to close the public hearing.  All in favor, motion passed.


Bill made a statement regarding the 7 random fires that took places the prior evening.  Mr. Shields indicated that a person of interest was in custody and was currently being medically evaluated.  Mr. Shields went on to state that they do not believe the public is in any danger and unfortunately nothing more can be said at this time due to the ongoing investigation.   In closing, Bill took a moment to praise the Acton Fire Department and mention all that they have had going on over the last several days.  The Board is extremely grateful for the entire Fire Department, all of their members and volunteers.


B.                 Re-valuation update


Larissa announced the Board of Selectmen met with John and Mike O’Donnell earlier today to receive an update on the revaluation.  She indicated that the revaluation is on track as scheduled, O’Donnell and Associates has completed the first round of visits to all properties and is currently working on second visits.  Property owners should receive letters by mid-summer identifying their proposed assessment changes and by late-summer appointments will be scheduled for properties owners to come in to meet with O’Donnell and Associates if they have concerns.  Tax bills should be sent out no later then September 1st.  Larissa closed the update with a few words of praise about John O’Donnell’s and Associates and the work their company is doing for the Town of Acton.


C.                Planning board appointment


Ted made a motion to appoint Arthur Kelly as a full time voting Planning Board Member; seconded by Bill.  Larissa stated the Board of Selectmen would need to sign the official appointment after the meeting due to a last minute change.


D.                Debit Card Policy


Larissa read the proposed Debit Card Policy as presented by the Treasurer: 


Debit Cards are issued to the Treasurer and the Office Manager/Deputy Treasurer and are kept on site in the safe until needed.  The balance in the bank account that the debit card is attached to shall maintain a minimum balance at all times until needed which shall be equal to or less than TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS.  When the need for use of the debit card arises, the Office Manager shall request a transfer of funds from the Treasurer into the account based on the estimated cost of the purchase.  The Office Manager shall receive a signature from at least TWO Selectmen authorizing use of the debit card (See Authorization for Use of Debit Card form).  The Treasurer will then transfer the funds approved into the debit card account.  Following the purchase of approved items, a Warrant Attachment will be included with the weekly warrant showing said purchases and invoice receipts for the Board of Selectman to review. 


Ted made a motion to approve the policy as presented.  Seconded by Bill, all in favor.  Policy accepted.




Rey Lopez asked for additional information on the revaluation, specifically where the Board believes the numbers will come in at.  Larissa explained that O’Donnell’s and Associates are still working on that and building the tables so they unable to speculate at this time.    She also stated that one of the largest concerns is the equity between properties and it’s important to note that this is not only a revaluation but also an equalization process.


Dennis Long followed up with a previously asked question regarding what the Cable Manager was currently making.  Ted answered that he was increased to $20,000 a year.


Dennis Long asked if a new flag pole was being purchased for the Town Hall – Ted replied yes.    Dennis was concerned about the historic value of the current flag pole at the Town Hall and inquired about what would happen to it.  Ted stated that when the Town Hall began having issues with the current pole, he began having a lengthy conversation with Hannah regarding the pole.   Ted indicated that she is actually very happy to be having this one returned to her.  Ted described a bit of history on the pole and again reiterated his conversation with Hannah and how pleased she is about the situation.  Dennis inquired what the cost of the new flag pole would be; Bill replied $1500, give or take.    Dennis also asked what the status of several maintenance items were, such as the siding and painting of the north side of the building, un-installed push bars, electric heat in the bathroom, and furnace.  Larissa replied that the Selectmen were indeed addressing the maintenance issues as they saw fit.  She indicated the siding and painting would be addressed as volunteers are simply waiting for the good weather, she also reported the ramp is being addressed and the floor has also been refinished.  In regards to Mr. Long’s other concerns Larissa did say that the Board has tried to review all items and make determinations as to what needs to be addressed in order for the Town Hall to function and what can wait due to budget restraints.   


Jack Kelly expressed concerns regarding the dams and tax rates.  He cited what he believes his taxes would increase to with special tax districts and the unlawfulness of it.  Larissa clarified that the tax districts were mentioned to the Board, not proposed by the Board.




A.        Volunteers needed to serve on the Cable Committee

B.        May 5th Planning Board Public Hearing – Proposed zoning changes           

C.        GA availability hours; by appointment only Thursdays 4pm – 5pm

D.        Fire permits availability; Fire Chief Ed Walsh, Milton Mills Store


Larissa gave an update on Lorraine.  She indicated that she visited with Lorraine yesterday and although she is in a lot of pain with her broken shoulder, Lorraine is hopeful to be back to work in a few weeks.   Larissa also mentioned that Lorraine is very grateful that her grandchildren were not injured and is thankful to everyone who helped out during the accident.  Persons wishing to send cards should send them to 115 Yeaton Lane, Acton Maine.


7. ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at 7:40pm


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak and Bill Shields


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Dennis Long, Jack Kelly, Rey Lopez, Barbara Seckar, Elaine Beck, Peter Beck, Virginia Shea, Robert Seckar, Chip Venell, Debbie Lopez, Al Peterson, Paul Poyant, Sophia Crockett-Current, Ethan Current