Upcoming Agenda



July 28, 2011

7:00 pm


1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.

2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Approved as written.



            1. APPOINT NEW CHAIRMAN: On a motion by Larissa, Ted was appointed chairman.

2. SIGN ORDER FOR SPECIAL TOWN MEETING: On a motion by Larissa the Order was signed.

3. LIQUOR LICENSE PUBLIC HEARING: A public hearing was opened and Scott Davis, manager of Crabby Bear, addressed the meeting. For now, their intent is to offer beer and wine with meals. Ted noted that a background check with the York County Sheriff Department showed no history of violations. There were no comments from the public so the hearing was closed. On a motion by Larissa, the permit was signed.

4. SIGN BINGO PERMIT FOR ACTON FAIR: On a motion by Larissa, the permit was signed.

5. OPEN PAVING BIDS: Bids received were: F R Carroll $66.45 per ton; Pike Industries $77.00 per ton; Dayton Sand and Gravel $67.20 per ton; Torno $68.80per ton. After discussion with the two Road Commissioners, it was voted to accept the bid of F R Carroll.

6. ROOFING AND COMMUNICATION BIDS: Bids received last week for the school roof were: Hall Bros. $19,400; Precision Roofing $18,500, McKeage $17,985; Roof Dr’s $21,000;

 D G  Wall $24,000; Mark Davis $17,835; Mills Construction $28,400; T McDonald $15,000; Ruck Roofing $18,275. Selectmen had asked Andy Brazier to make his recommendation. Andy reported that he had met and talked with the bidders and he recommends Mark Davis. On a motion by Larissa, Mark Davis’s bid was accepted.

Bids received  for the communication system for the school were CMT $12,922.75; CMT $13,315; Business Communication of Maine $14,000; Carousel $16,597.04; Connective Point $18,771.57;

OTT $19,845;  Canfield $19,891; Alternative Communications $21,475; Just Results $22,565.44; New England Communications $23,904.86. Mike Corey had been asked to study the bids and make a recommendation He recommended CMC’s bid of $13,315. On a motion by Larissa  that bid was accepted.

7. RESIGNATION OF CHUCK HEFFERON FROM WARRANT AND FINANCE COMMITTEE: Chuck’s resignation was accepted with regret.

8.. APPOINTMENTS: Selectmen appointed Nancy Ruma as Warrant and Finance Committee member, Natalie Kane as Policy Committee member. Hannah Phillips, William Maloney and Lois Michaud were re-elected for 3 more years on the Conservation Committee.


 5. OTHER BUSINESS: Jack Kelley asked if the plans from the Road Committee were going to be followed. Larissa noted that the Selectmen have not received the tape made  of the road committee findings. She recommended that the Road Committee talk with the Road Commissioners. She noted that Selectmen had made it clear that the Road Committee is an advisory to the Road Commissioners. when the Road Commissioners have a problem and ask advice.

Dennis Long complained about some assessment problems and was advised to contact the O’Donnell firm. Dennis also said he was disappointed with all of the reruns and old material on the Town’s  TV channel. Mike Corey noted that there were not that many activities or meetings to cover so he was filling in with past films.

EXECUTIVE SESSION PURSUANT TO  1 MRSA 405(6): On a motion by Larissa the board voted to go into executive session to discuss a poverty abatement. They came out of executive session at 9:05

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Openings are available for members to be appointed to the Planning Board.


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Larissa Crockett, Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields

9. OTHERS PRESENT: Natalie Kane, Nancy Ruma, Dennis Long, Jack Kelley, Marian Elliott, Barbara Seckar, Virginia Shea, David Winchell Jr.,  Scott Mooney, Mark Davis, Andy Brazier, Bill Palladino, Tom Cashin, Chip Venell, Scott Davis, Jim Crowley, Paul Poyant, Lorraine Yeaton