Upcoming Agenda





May 17, 2012






1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.

2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Approved as written.



4. NEW BUSINESS:           


            1. PUBLIC HEARING LIQUOR LICENSE: Ted opened the Public Hearing to receive input on the application for a renewal of Liquor License for William Palladino. Patrick Hannon spoke in opposition to granting the renewal. He noted that the York County Sheriff’s Department  report of calls to Palladino’s facility for the past year shows larceny/forgery/fraud, intoxicated/incapacitated subject, 3 motor vehicle accidents,  2 calls for  assault in progress, 2 calls for disturbances and other various calls. Hannon said some years ago when a hearing for Big Daddy’s was held, folks said that towns like Acton, Shapleigh and Lebanon should not sell liquor and he now agrees that this is true.  He stated that there were several errors and omissions in Palladino’s application. Hannon enumerated them. (See evidence submitted) Among the errors he noted the  Federal ID number is incorrect, and provided proof that the Secretary of State had notified Palladino that K.B. Restaurant (the name under which Palladino ‘s application was filed) was Administratively Dissolved as of May 16, 2012. Palladino took the stand and explained that relative to the Federal ID is was just a mistake, a reversal of numbers. He said the incorporation of K.B. Restaurant  was in the process of being restored. On a motion by Larissa the hearing was closed.


            2. ACTION ON LICENSE: On a motion by Larissa it was voted to postpone action on the renewal of liquor license until Palladino furnished a corrected application.


            3. SIGN LETTER OF APPROVAL FOR LOON POND GRANT: On a motion by Larissa a letter to the Maine Environmental Protection was signed.


4. SIGN TOWN MEETING WARRANT: On a motion by Larissa, the Town meeting Warrant was signed.





(1) The Owls will be taking a train ride with dinner along side beautiful lake Winnipesauke on June 13.  Ticket cost is $44 and is open to the public.

(2) The Municipal Office will be closed Thursday, May 24.

(3) Larissa announced that this is her last meeting as her term will expire on Voting Day. She has enjoyed serving the Town. Barbara Seckar thanked Larissa for all the contributions she has made to the town. Lorraine noted Larissa’s part in bringing the OWLS group to fruition and what a blessing it is to the senior citizens.




7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned ar

8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ted Kryzak, Larissa Crockett, Bill Shields


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Paul Poyant, Barbara Seckar, Marian Elliott, Ken Paul, Patrick Hannon, William Palladino, David  Winchell Jr. Lorraine Yeaton