Upcoming Agenda




 APRIL 25, 2013





A moment of Silence was observed in remembrance of those killed and injured at the Boston Marathon.

1.  APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.

2.  APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Approved as written.



a. Open lawn care bids: Bids received were: Tall Grass  $3,900, C & D Landscaping  $4,000, and Deveau Property Maintenance $3,200. Selectmen have been informed, since the bid invitation was issued, that Worker’s Comp proof of insurance or Predetermination of Independent Contractor status is required, so Selectmen postponed awarding the bid to allow those bidding to submit their proof.

b. Application for Liquor License for Iron Tails: May 16 at was scheduled for the Public Hearing.

c. Excise Tax Exemption Policy Amendment: On a motion by Bill the policy was amended.

d. Put Tax Acquired property up for sale: Property described as Tax Map 237-13 will go up for sale by sealed bid  on May 23, 2013 at 7 pm. Minimum bid $10.000.All written bids must be submitted by 4pm May 23, 2013..

e. Abatements-McManus and  Flannagan: On  motions by Bill, the abatements were approved.


5. OTHER BUSINESS: Dennis Long said he thought if you were self-employed you did not need workers comp. Ted said you need to show proof that you are exempt from worker’s comp.

6. ANNOUNCEMENTS: Volunteers needed for 1 member and 1 Alternate member of Saco River Corridor Commission, 2 Alternate Warrant and Finance Committee members.


May 4 will be clean-up day for the Mary Grant Nature Preserve.

New protective coat has been applied to Town Hall floor, which looks beautiful.


The Acton Planning Board will host a Public Hearing for the discussion of proposed changes to the Acton Zoning Ordinance relative to Storm Water Management and Erosion Control on Thursday, May 2, 2013 at at the Acton Town Hall, copies can be found at  www.actonmaine.org/ or at the Town Hall


The referendum vote to approve the school budget will be at the Town Hall on April 30. Polls open at and close at . The approved budget is a 1.21% decrease.


7. ADJOURNMENT: Adjourned at


8. MEMBERS PRESENT: Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh


9. OTHERS PRESENT: Chip Venell, Richard Neal, Virginia Shea, Percy and Marita Lowell, Paul Poyant, Jack Brogan, Dennis Long, Scott Mooney, Eric Dawalga, Lorraine Yeaton