Upcoming Agenda





January 9, 2014





1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.

2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as written.


3.         OLD BUSINESS: None


4.         NEW BUSINESS:

a. Sign Order of Municipal Officers: On a motion by Bill, an order to the Tax Collector/Treasurer to apply any tax payment received from an individual as payment for any property tax against outstanding or delinquent  taxes due on said property, in chronological order beginning with the oldest unpaid tax bill, provided, however, that no such payment  may be applied to any tax for which an abatement application or appeal is pending unless approved in writing by the taxpayer, was so voted.


b. School Budget Date: Ted announced that April 22 will be the school budget hearing and April 29 will be the election to appropriate the budget.


c. Deadline date for Warrant articles: Any warrant articles foe the June Town Meeting must be submitted by January 23.


d. Deadline dates for budgets: Budgets need to be submitted by February 26.

e. Salt Shed: Selectmen plan to have a salt/sand shed for public use within the next few weeks. This has become necessary because of the amount of ice we have had this winter, with the Transfer Station not open to have sand available to the public.


f. Sign Redemption letters and Quit Claim Deed: On a motion by Ted, letters allowing persons who’s property was foreclosed upon for non payment of taxes to repurchased their property by paying the 2011, 2012, and 2013 taxes plus fees and administrative costs, within the next 30 days, and one quit claim deed for property that has been repurchased, were signed. 


5.         OTHER BUSINESS:  None


6.         ANNOUNCEMENTS: At the January 23 meeting there will be a public hearing and a vote to accept the new 2012 General Assistance Ordinance. This is recommended by the Department of Human Services since there have been several changes in State Law regarding General Assistance. A copy of the Ordinance is available for public inspection.


7.         ADJOURNMENT: Meeting was adjourned at .


8.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh


9.         OTHERS PRESENT: Chip Venell, Eric Dwalga, Lorraine Yeaton