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DECEMBER 11, 2007

PUBLIC FORUM: Dennis thanked selectmen for the use of the hall for the Flat Ground Road Association meeting.

      Bob Anderson asked why the public cannot ask questions from the floor at Candidates Night.  Nancy explained that last years session was abusesive to the candidates so they had decided not to hold another. But because it was requested, they decided to hold a meeting but change the format. It will be moderated by Rick Stanley, of Sanford, who is a neutral party and experienced  moderator.   Rick is also the head of the Sanford Chamber of Commerce. Questions need to be furnished ahead of time or may be presented to the moderator on the night of the meeting, between 6 -6:30 pm..

1.      APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Approved as written.

2.      APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved and signed.

3.      WARRANT:  Approved and signed.


      a. ASSESSING: There will be a public meeting on Thursday, December 13, 7 pm, for the auditor's recommendations for the assessing program.

      b. CABLE CONTRACT: Waiting to hear from the attorney.

      c.  CARTOGRAPHIC CONTRACT: A meeting with the mappers is planned.


      (A) RECOMMENDATIONS FOR WARRANT ARTICLES: On the Recall Ordinance, Mike made a motion to approve the article as written. Both Nancy and Jim are opposed to the Ordinance.     Voted, one in favor, (Mike), and 2 opposed (Nancy and Jim). The motion failed. On the       Moratorium Ordinance, Jim made a motion to not recommend this article. Voted, 2 in favor of       disapproval of the article, (Nancy and Jim), one in favor, (Mike).

      (B) SIGN NEW POLICY FOR DISBURSEMENT OF WAGES AND BENEFITS: This policy will allow  one selectmen to sign the payroll for wages and benefits only, if a majority is not  available. On a motion by Mike  it was voted to sign.

 (C)  HOLIDAY SCHEDULE: Because both Christmas and New Years Day fall on Tuesdays, Selectmen will meet on Thursday, December 27 at 10 am and Wednesday, January 2, 2008 at 10 am.


      (D) ADDENDUM TO PURCHASE AND SALES AGREEMENT: Another addendum to the purchase and sales agreement with John and Judith Ford was presented stating “It is understood by  all parties that the property shall be conveyed by Quit Claim Deed, (with covenant).”On a motion    by Jim, it was voted to authorize the chairman to sign.

      (E) LENKOWSKI LEGAL FEES: It was decided not to pay for Title Search until after the Town Meeting approves the purchase.

Selectman's Meeting December 11, 2007  page 2

      (F) POLICY TO MOVE FUNDS: On a motion by Jim, selectmen signed a policy  that will allow transfer of funds from one account to another, providing that the budget approved by the Town Meeting is not exceeded.

      (G)  MOVE FUNDS FROM LABOR & WAGES TO CLERICAL WAGES:   Jennifer Roux has been paid from the clerical wages account for maintaining the computer web site, maps on line, Trio, assessing program, etc., on an hourly rate basis.  However, funds are running low. On a motion by Mike, selectmen will transfer $3,153.00 from labor and wages to the clerical account.

      (H) PUBLIC HEARING AND SPECIAL TOWN MEETING DATES: There will be a Public Hearing on January 15 to discuss the land purchase and other housekeeping warrant articles, followed by a meeting of the Warrant and Finance Committee. The Special Town Meeting to vote on these articles will be January 22.

      (I)  SIGN WARRANT FOR JANUARY 8 TOWN MEETING: Selectmen signed the Warrant  for the January 8, 2008 Special Town Meeting.

      (J) EXECUTIVE SESSION RE: MRSA 13, 405, SECTION 6, SUBTITLE A, PERSONNEL ISSUE: On a motion by Mike, selectmen went into executive session at 7:54 pm. Jim excused himself from the session because since he is leaving office, he feels any decision made should not be influenced by him. On a motion by Mike, selectmen came out of executive session at 8:30    pm.

6.   ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:31 pm.

7.   MEMBERS PRESENT:  Nancy Ruma , Jim Driscoll, Mike Conway

8.   OTHERS PRESENT: Bob Anderson, Chip Renell, Dennis Long, Richard Neal, Percy Lowell, John Moore, Davey Winchell, Tony Cogliandro, Jennifer Roux, Vicki Ridlon, Holly Mooney, Brian  and Dana McGlincey, Stece Ledoux, Lorraine Yeaton