Upcoming Agenda



MAY 8, 2014



1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  Approved as written.

2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  Approved as written.

3.         OLD BUSINESS: None

4.         NEW BUSINESS:

a. Award  Lawn Care bids: Ed reported they had researched the bids submitted and he made a motion to accept the bid of $4,000 from C & D. The motion was so voted.

b. Proposed Zoning Changes: Ted read the purposed Zoning Changes.

c. Gym Fees: Ted noted the Town is losing money maintaining the gym. Expenses this year were $4,500 with dues only bringing in $2,000. It was voted to increase the dues to $240 a year for residents, $120 for employees of the Town, $120 for summer residents. It is hoped that more people will enroll.


5.         OTHER BUSINESS:

6.         ANNOUNCEMENTS: Public Hearing Notices:

Thursday, May 15th - Liquor License Renewal / The Potting Shed

Thursday, May 15th - Proposed Zoning Changes, both at the Town Hall

The Transfer Station will be closed Memorial Day, May 26


Ed announced the Town has two Fire trucks to be sold to the highest bidder. 1986 Mack with blown engine, as is, where is, no warranty. $2000 minimum bid. 1985 Emergency One, truck was running when last parked. As is, where is, no warranty. $2500 minimum bid. Bids close June 25, 2014. To see the trucks, call Bill Cataneyse at 636-3842 or Peter Smith at 608-5350.

       7.         ADJOURNMENT:   Adjourned at .

8.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh

9.         OTHERS PRESENT: Chip Venell, Paul Poyant, Eric Dawalga, Lorraine Yeaton.