Upcoming Agenda



October 23, 2014





1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  On a motion by Bill Shields and second from Ed Walsh, the agenda was approved as written.

2.         APPROVAL OF MINUTES OF LAST MEETING:  On a motion by Bill Shields and a second from Ed Walsh, the minutes from the October 9, 2014 were approved as written.

3.         OLD BUSINESS:

Holiday Schedule- Ted Kryzak announced that the Acton Town Hall will be closed the following dates:  November 11th, 27th and 28th as well as December 24th, 25th, 26th and January 1st.  The Transfer Station will be closed December 24th and January 1st.


4.         NEW BUSINESS:  


a.                   Election Clerks / Warden Appointments: 

On a motion by Bill Shields and a second from Ed Walsh, Jennifer Roux was appointed as Election Warden thru June 30, 2015.  On a motion by Bill Shields and a second from Ed Walsh the following people were appointed as Deputy Wardens thru June 30, 2015:  Patrick Demers, Virginia Shea, and Carl Litchfield.  On a motion by Bill Shields and a second from Ed Walsh the following people were appointed as Election Clerks thru June 30, 2015:  Nancy Ruma, Don VanSinderen, Anita Buttrick, James Driscoll, Larissa Crockett, Estelle Gore, Ann Germon, Sue Mrazik, William Lotz, Moreen Doddrell, Tina Gagnon, Walter Scott, Michael Conway, Sheila Conway, Alan Peterson, Doug Vennell, Clarence Langley, Joan Nass, Virginia Shea, Patrick Demers, and Carl Litchfield.


b.                  Conservation Committee Appointment

On a motion by Bill Shields and a second from Ed Walsh William Maloney was appointed as a member to the Conservation Committee thru June 2016.


c.                   Updated Drug Testing Policy


On a motion by Bill Shields and a second from Ed Walsh an updated Drug Testing Policy was signed and adopted.


5.         OTHER BUSINESS:  Barbara Seckar spoke on behalf of the Mary Grant Committee, and wanted to thank all the volunteers who have helped.  Thanks to Richard Neal who saw that the power was hooked up on site.  The most recent fundraiser “Concert in the Park” raised over $500 in profits.  The committee thanks all those who participated in all the events the Committee has put on, and is very appreciative of the positive feedback they have had on the park and the events.



6.         ANNOUCEMENTS:

a.         Fire Dept / Ambulance Merger Discussions:  Ed Walsh announced that the Selectmen and members of the fire department and rescue have started a working group to discuss the merger to bring the Rescue in as part of the Town.  The first meeting will be next Tuesday, October 28th at the Ambulance Building.  They will meet from now through mid January to get a good document and budget to put before the Town at the June Town Meeting.


b.         Public Hearing:  Bill Shields announced that the Selectmen will host a public hearing on Thursday October 30th at 6:00pm to discuss the possibility of creating a fireworks ordinance.  The issue has been brought up a few times by concerned residents, and the Board felt that the proper thing to do is to see if the Town as a whole supports them moving forward with such an ordinance.


c.                   Absentee Ballot Information / Election:  Ted Kryzak reminds residents that absentee ballots are available in the Town Clerk’s Office through the close of business on October 30th.  After that date, only those meeting certain circumstances allowed by the State will be able to vote via absentee ballot.  For any questions or to request a ballot please contact Jennifer Roux at 636-3131 ext 401 or email to: townclerk@actonmaine.org


d.         Neighbors Helping Neighbors:  A new emergency assistance fund is to be created by donation.  When doing business in the Town Clerk’s office customers will be asked if they want to round up to the nearest dollar to contribute to this fund.  This fund is intended to help those who do not qualify for state regulated general assistance or other local charity outreach programs.  Funds will be expended as an emergency arises and assistance is deemed necessary.  Customers are encouraged to help by rounded up, if they are able.


7.         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Theodore Kryzak Jr., William Shields, Edward Walsh

8.         ADJOURNMENT:   7:20pm

9.         OTHERS PRESENT: Robert and Barbara Seckar, Richard Neal, Lorraine Yeaton, Dwight Venell, Eric Dawalga, and Michelle Rumney.