Upcoming Agenda



 January 22, 2015




1.         APPROVAL OF AGENDA:  

Bill Shields made a motion to approve the agenda as presented; seconded by Ed Walsh.  All in favor, motion carried 



Bill Shields made a motion to approve the minutes of January 8th as presented; seconded by Ed Walsh. All in favor, motion carried.


3.         OLD BUSINESS: 


 a.         Warrant and Finance Opening


Chairman Kryzak indicated that the Town is still looking for an alternate Warrant and Finance Committee member, any resident interested should contact the Town Clerk. 


4.         NEW BUSINESS:

 a.                  Proposed Zoning Chairman Kryzak stated that there is a possibility of 3 or 4 zoning questions to be on placed on the upcoming annual town meeting warrant.  The Planning Board and Selectmen will be submitting their zoning change recommendations to the Townspeople, as well as the possibility of a resident driven change.  More information and details to come.  Public hearings will be scheduled.

b.                  Schedule Budget Meeting Chairman Kryzak read the upcoming budget schedule for the June Town Meeting.  Dates of importance that have not yet passed were February 27th, all Department Head Budgets are due to the Treasurer and March 28th a joint meeting will be held between the Selectmen, Warrant and Finance Committee and all Department heads.   The Board will announce additional dates and specific times as they come closer. 

5.         ANNOUCEMENTS:


York County Community Acton is offering deferred loans and possible grants to single houses for those homeowners that qualify and are in need of home repairs.  For more information please call 1-800-965-5762, ext 2929.


Selectmen Walsh stated that they are still working with the Fire and Rescue to determine if a merger is in the Town’s best interest.  In addition, Selectmen Walsh and Shields met with the Shapleigh Selectmen to discuss the possibility of the two towns working together on a merger.  Walsh indicated that he will continue to update the Board and public as any proposals move forward.


6.         MEMBERS PRESENT:    Ted Kryzak, Bill Shields, Ed Walsh


7.         ADJOURNMENT:   Bill Shields made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15pm.  Seconded by Ed Walsh.  All in favor, motion carried.




8.         OTHERS PRESENT:             Chip Vennell, Eric Dawalga, Jennifer Roux